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Mission Critical:
Contingency Hosting

Dataprise Cloud Services

When being 'down' is simply not an option

For organizations that require an even more robust business continuity solution than our Disaster Recovery as a Service, our Contingency Hosting Service ensures that your business will never go down.

Consider this scenario:

A severe storm rolls into town, and without warning the power to your entire office building is lost. You call the power company, and they can't tell you if it will be down for hours, days, or even weeks. Every minute without power is more lost revenue for your business. Can you afford to be down for hours, days, or weeks? Are you going to miss a critical client deadline? How will you communicate your status to your clients? Most disaster recovery solutions struggle to provide protection for these type of outages.

Dataprise Contingency Hosting

Dataprise Advanced Contingency Hosting Diagram

Disaster recovery solutions involve a fail-over and fail-back process that makes it extremely prohibitive to fail-over in the event of a power outage due to the time it takes to fail-over to another site and then 'fail-back' again.

With Dataprise Contingency Hosting Service, you get a true business continuity solution that provides full-proof protection against catastrophic disasters with zero system downtime.

 Service / Product Family: (link)   Dataprise Managed Cloud365™ Services 
Learn more about our Advanced Contingency Hosting solutions in Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, Philadelphia, New Jersey or New York, call or contact us today at 1-888-519-8111

Dataprise can provide you with the most secure and robust advanced contingency hosting services in:
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