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Email Archiving

Dataprise Cloud Services

Cloud-based Email Archiving: secure, accessible and forever.

Over time, the volume of legacy email on company’s servers will continue to grow without limit. Yet many organizations want — or are mandated through compliance to keep records of old email correspondence (SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA, PCI, Federal E-Discovery Rules, to name a few). Cloud-based email archiving provides an ideal solution to the unavoidable predicament of legacy email storage. 

Dataprise’s Cloud-based Email Archiving service offers your organization the ability to store every email that comes in and goes out of your organization in a transparent, secure, redundant and easy-to-use format, included unlimited storage — all at a predictable monthly fee.

We take care of all the fine details, from configuring our archiving software to automatically transferring the files to our secure remote servers. If you ever need to recover old email correspondence, our web-based interface makes the process astonishingly simple.

Benefits of our Cloud-based Email Archiving service include:
  • Super quick implementation: typically days instead of months
  • Elimination of upfront hardware and software costs
  • Rapid search and retrieval of messages
  • Cost-effective availability and reliability: gives organizations on limited budgets access to start-of-the-art infrastructure and resources that they couldn't afford otherwise
  • No need to sign new purchase orders for additional storage: we leverage the best storage technology at any given time, shielding you from the complexity and the incremental storage costs that can steadily climb over time with increasing email volumes
  • Predictable pricing: unlike traditional, on-premise solutions that have heavy upfront costs and unpredictable expense spikes, our Cloud-based solution is based on a flat fee per user, no matter how much storage you use
  • Transparent and continuous upgrades:With conventional on-premise software, it can often take a full year or more for developers to release newer versions and upgrades. With our Cloud-based solution, you're always up-to-date because upgrades are automatic, seamless and provided at no additional cost to you
  • Refocus your IT resources: offload the burden of keeping your servers, storage, software, databases, backup systems and network up-and-running and allow yourself to focus on more strategic initiatives to grow your business

 Service available with: (links)    Service is included with a Dataprise Support365™ Plan Service can be purchased separately 

To learn how our Cloud-based Email Archiving solution can help your business, call us at 1-888-519-8111

Dataprise provides only the most secure and compliant email archiving services in:
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  • Maryland
  • Virginia
  • New York
  • Philadelphia
  • New Jersey

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