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Internet Domain Management

Dataprise Cloud Services

Expert management of your Internet domain. 

DNS (Domain Name Service) Management

Your DNS configuration can affect a broad variety of performance issues related to your domain — from the speed with which your website loads to your ability to receive email.

Domain registrars and other low-cost DNS service providers for the most part deliver substandard DNS management. Changes to your website configuration or network services can create DNS problems, from minor issues such as slow-loading web pages to serious service outages and lost email.

At Dataprise, we sweat the DNS details. When our technical consultants have access to your DNS records, we can usually solve your network-related problems quickly, saving you significant time and money. We also make sure the data associated with your domain is secure, stable and transmitted efficiently.

Wireless Internet Backup

Dataprise will provide you with a wireless internet solution that’s capable of running an entire office (Up to 10Mbps down and 1Mbps up) in the event that your primary internet service suffers a major outage. Dataprise will provide a number of professional grade wireless modems and will immediately activate our 4 hour ServerDown!® response guarantee, to bring and configure the wireless router(s) at your place of business in this unlikely event.  One of the great benefits of this service is that Dataprise will continue to pay the monthly service fee to the wireless carriers - even when they aren’t in use.

Notes: To activate the Wireless Internet Backup service there needs to be a major/extended outage and not just a temporary interruption of service. In order to take advantage of the service your office will need to be accessible to our wireless providers service coverage areas.

Mail Bagging: Never Miss an Email

Dataprise’s Email Bagging Service offers you a fail-safe in the unfortunate case of a major mail server malfunction or failure. Email Bagging ensures that our customers will never miss an email internally or more importantly — from their customers.  In the event of a server failure, our Email Bagging Service will intercept and hold all incoming email messages and forward them to your inbox as soon as mail services are restored.

Web Hosting

When it comes to website hosting, you have a lot of difficult choices out there. It can be tough to distinguish one hosting provider from another. That’s why we’ve made the choice easy. How? We’ve ported our world-class service to our own secure and highly-reliable web-hosting platform. And, if you have any special configuration requests, we’ll gladly handle them for you. Pronto.

We would also be happy to work with your web developer to ensure that your managed website works as intended. In the event that you do not have website development support, we can recommend an expert from our approved list of partners.

 Service available with: (link)    Service is included with a Dataprise Support365™ Plan  

To learn how we can improve your domain’s performance and reliability with Cloud-based Internet Domain Management, please call us today at 1-888-519-8111

Dataprise provides expert internet domain management and IT support services in:
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