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Full Threat Visibility

Dataprise Managed Cybersecurity provides threat detection and security incident reporting and cyber response through the real-time monitoring of security systems events and logs.

We monitor infrastructure, providing detailed analysis and relevant alerts against a globally sourced catalogue of known and emerging security threats.

How It Works

It all starts with your data. We ingest data from multiple sources, correlating it across your network, endpoint, log, and cloud sources. Read on for a step-by-step overview.

Start at the Source

We monitor all of your data wherever it originates, whether your employee's endpoints are in the office or remote. Likewise, we monitor your network, firewall, and ingest your security logs.


Dataprise's always-on technology rapidly identifies and blocks known threats and suspicious activity on your network. Suspicious activity is investigated and disrupted by the Dataprise SOC.


Dataprise safeguards your endpoints, no matter where they're located with 24/7 threat hunting. We uncover and isolate adversaries and prevent lateral spread.

Endpoint Security Monitor

Data created in your endpoints passes through our Endpoint Security Monitor. It's the first line of defense for attack prevention, detection, and remediation.


Dataprise Security Analytics Platform

Next, your data enters our proprietary security analytics platform.

It provides enhanced visibility, deep investigation and advanced threat detection enabling stronger threat responses across your hybrid environments. It ingests and analyzes everything in your IT environment.


Security analytics is a combination of software, algorithms, and analytic processes used to detect potential threats to your systems.

Security Operation Center

Finally, if needed, the Dataprise SOC is alerted. This is where we continuously monitor and improve your security posture while preventing, detecting, analyzing, and responding to cybersecurity incidents.

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