Project Reboot

Project Reboot

Did you know that your old computer can change the lives of those in need? Join Dataprise in Support Project Reboot.

Are your computers outdated? When your organization is ready to upgrade to newer technology, your old computers can still do a lot of good. Help Dataprise support Rockville, Maryland-based Project Reboot by donating your old and/or unwanted computer equipment to be refurbished and redistributed.

Your old computers will be given a "second life" with families who really need them.

What Equipment Will Project Reboot Accept?

Businesses regularly upgrade and replace functional computer equipment to stay current with technology. By donating this equipment to Project Reboot, we will ensure that your refurbished computer equipment is distributed to disadvantaged groups, individuals and families in our community.

Dataprise's certified network engineers will pick up your unwanted computers, monitors and peripherals free of charge, wipe them clean, and deliver them to Project Reboot's warehouse. Volunteers perform diagnostics, repairs and upgrades to make each computer ready for use.

Who Receives the Refurbished Computers?

Your computers and peripherals will be offered to needy families, not-for-profit charities, senior centers and religious organizations. These computers can change lives.

How Does My Donation Protect the Environment?

It is estimated that every week more than 16 tons of computer equipment is thrown into local landfills. By donating this equipment for reuse instead of throwing it in the trash, your business positively supports green initiatives.

Give old technology a new purpose and keep it out of the waste stream.

Is My Donation Tax Deductible?

Yes. Project Reboot is a 501(c)(3) PC recycling program, sponsored by The Capital PC User Group (CPCUG), a non-profit educational organization. These donations may be tax-deductible, and Dataprise will provide you with a receipt from Project Reboot in exchange for your contribution.

Since 1995, Dataprise has offered innovative IT solutions to thousands of companies. In addition to its commitment to solving the technology challenges of local businesses, Dataprise strives to give back to the community by supporting worthy local causes.

What Equipment Will Project Reboot Accept?

  • Desktops and laptops from 700MHZ on up are able to be refurbished.
  • Printer cables, multi GB hard drives, and memory chips (RAM).
  • PS2 style keyboards.
  • All LCD/flat panel monitors (in working and non-working condition).
  • CRT monitors are only accepted when accompanied with CPU.
  • Peripheral equipment such as keyboards, mice, etc., MUST be in good working condition.

Unacceptable Equipment

Serial mice. (These have a large 9 pin plug at the end).

  • Older-style CRT monitors that are not accompanied with a CPU.
  • Pentium I, II and AMD Duron and older processors.
  • Apple or Macintosh equipment. However, the Washington Apple Pi user group located in Rockville, Maryland, has a similar reclamation program.
  • Please visit or call 301.984.0300 for more information.

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