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Dataprise Has Over Two Decades of Secure Data Migration Experience

A migration is the process of upgrading or moving information from one technical environment to another. Dataprise has over two decades of experience ensuring your data is moved securely in accordance with a proven project management methodology and industry best practices. Let us provide your business with expert IT migration services to safeguard your intellectual property.  

Best Practice Approach to IT Migration Projects 

Planning is Key

Every successful IT migration project starts with a solid plan. Leverage our technical experts and strategic consultants to help you select the right solution for your organization based on your environment, budget, compliance needs, and industry.

Knowledge of the Project Scope

Leverage our deep bench of industry veterans to mitigate project risk. Dataprise architects and project managers are uniquely qualified to help you evaluate the scope of your data migration from every angle. Leverage our experience to mitigate risks.

Dedicated Project Managers

Our project management team is focused on one thing: project management. Let our certified experts effectively and efficiently manage each project so you and your team don’t have to.


Not only do we complete the migration, but Dataprise also develops a game plan for your organization moving forward. Our IT consultants help you understand the impact of the migration, optimize the new setup, and are well-positioned to be successful.

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Types of Migrations Dataprise Can Help You With:

Our team of technical consultants and certified experts do everything in their power to ensure a seamless software or hardware migration while you focus on running your business.

Database and data migration is the process of preparing, extracting, and transporting data from one computer storage system to another. Database and data migration is essential for any system upgrades or consolidation efforts. The implementation of a data migration allows your staff to focus on more strategic tasks.

Application migration happens when you move one type of software from one environment to another. These IT migration projects can be extremely complex because of the differences in environments.

Has your business moved to the cloud recently? During a cloud migration with Dataprise, we move your data and other business elements into the cloud computing environment. With over 24 years of industry expertise, we ensure that your information is secure, built properly, and managed effectively.

Project Capabilities

An understanding of your mission, business processes, and industry to drive efficiency and help you succeed.

Complex Networking
We work with your organization to design, build, or reconfigure your network based on your unique business needs and industry requirements. LEARN MORE >

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