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Windows 7 End-of-Life: Managing the Aftermath

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Carolyn Merritt

Carolyn Merritt serves as Vice President of Customer Experience at Dataprise.  Bringing more than 20 years of customer life-cycle management experience, Carolyn is responsible for leading Dataprise’s best-in-class global service desk team.  Carolyn specializes in building highly effective, worldwide support systems that align with the business objectives of her customer base.  Prior to joining Dataprise, Carolyn served as Vice President of Global Client Success at Metalogix software.

As Vice President of Customer Experience, Carolyn serves primarily as an advocate for Dataprise customers while leading a customer-facing Global Service Desk team made up of on-boarding project managers, certified technical engineers, automation and remediation engineers, and hardware technicians. 

At Dataprise, Carolyn leads the transformation of the customer experience and partners with leaders across the company to ensure customers are at the center of every business decision.

Carolyn is ITIL and Net Promoter certified and has won several customer excellence awards including a Stevie Award for Customer Service Leader of the Year.

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