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Key DBIR Takeaways to Fortify your Cyber Security Strategy

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Chaz Chalkley

Before joining Dataprise in 2005, Mr. Chalkley managed operations for a small IT consulting company specializing in computer and network solutions. As Dataprise's Vice President of Support Services, Mr. Chalkley uses his more than 15 years of technical expertise and customer service expertise to ensure the diverse Dataprise client base receives strategic consulting services that will help transform their business. Mr. Chalkley is focused on building strong relationships with the Dataprise clientele to discover new business development opportunities and present IT guidance surrounding Dataprise’s Information Security practice and Web and Mobile solutions.

Mr. Chalkley has been instrumental in growing Dataprise’s operations department and the overall growth of Dataprise. Mr. Chalkley holds numerous technical certifications as well as a bachelor's degree in Integrated Science and Technology from James Madison University.

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