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5 Ways to Efficiently Return to Work with Technology

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Paul Reissner

Paul Reissner has worked in IT since 2006 with focus in the Medical and Financial verticals, Paul joined Dataprise in 2015 and now works in the Information Security department as a Security Engineer. In his current role he assesses the security posture of organizations large and small and conducts Security Gap Assessments as well as Simulated Phishing Campaigns. Paul has spent the majority of his career bringing new and emerging technology to small and medium business and believes that all organizations can benefit from a common sense standards based security program and that this is attainable at any budget.

Improving Security with Multifactor Authentication

Sometimes it feels like a hassle to have to do two-step authentication for email and application security. This blog explains the importance of this extra step to maintain a secure environment.
Information Security

Navigating the Maze Behind Ransomware

In this blog, learn about what goes into a ransomware attack to understand how to protect yourself from them!
Information Security

The Digital Frontier: How to Protect Your Ranch

With the increased threat of ransomware attacks on businesses, defending your network is crucial. Learn how to protect your security environment in this blog.
Information Security

Demystifying the Computer Part II: Network & Cloud

In Part II of our "Demystifying the Computer" series, we dive into networks and cloud computing. Click to learn more in our latest blog article.
IT Fundamentals

Demystifying Computers Part I: Purpose of a Computer & Server

In Part one of “Demystifying Computers,” we discuss the purpose of the computer and server. Click here to learn more in our recent blog article.
IT Fundamentals

Security Exploits Explained: Worms, Trojans, Ransomware, oh my!

Modern businesses must overcome a wide variety of cyber threats in order to reach the desired destination of an exceptionally secure IT environment. Learn how to help protect your business from these threats.

Implementing Network Security: Part II

Learn to implement network security protocols that support the backbone of your organizations. Follow along with our blog series: Implementing Network Security: Part II.

Implementing Network Security: Part I

Learn to implement network security protocols that support the backbone of your organizations. Follow along with our blog series: Implementing Network Security.

Back to Basics: What Exactly is a Computer?

Understanding your computer is the first step toward basic IT troubleshooting. Learn more about the absolute IT fundamentals in this article.
IT Fundamentals

Back to the Basics: Preventing User Error

Scroll below to read about how to prevent user error while going back to the basics!
Managed Services

Windows 7 End-of-Life: Managing the Aftermath

Scroll below to learn more about managing the aftermath of Windows 7, end-of-life technology and how to best prepare your business!
Managed Services

Bigger Than Equifax: What You Need To Know About The 340 Million Records Leaked By Exactis

Learn about the breach that's bigger than Equifax in this blog. What could come of this breach, and how can you defend your organization from cybercriminals who have taken advantage of the Exactis leak?
Information Security

Breaking Bread: Lessons Learned from the Panera Breach

In April 2018, a Personally Identifiable Information (PII) breach associated with Panera Bread Company’s customer loyalty and delivery programs was uncovered. Read this blog to learn what steps your organization can take to protect themselves from being the next breach.
Information Security