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Navigating the Maze Behind Ransomware

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Stephen Jones

Stephen “Jones” Jones joined the Dataprise team in 2020. As our Senior Director of Cyber Security, Jones is responsible for the strategic design, development, and execution of our Managed Security Service (MSS) offerings. Jones is a veteran in the Security Operations space bringing 20 years of experience in Cyber Security and technical leadership to the team.

Jones’ career started in the federal government where he spent more than 10 years providing technical leadership to the Intelligence Community in the area of Cyber Security.

After leaving the public sector, Jones transitioned into the commercial space where he joined GuidePoint Security to develop their initial MSS offering, a SOC-as-a-Service offering that was wildly popular and led to the spinoff of the business unit into what is now today known as Deepwatch. Jones graduated from George Mason University with a B.S. in Information Technology. He is a Certified Information Security System Professional (CISSP) and Cyber Security Subject Matter Expert (SME).

Not All Two-Factor Authentication Methods Are Created Equal

With a seemingly unending list of high-profile data breaches in recent news, many organizations are reevaluating their security posture and seeking additional protection. In times like this, reexamining the fundamentals of your security posture is just as important as adopting new developments in the industry. Today, we want to discuss one of the most important of those fundamentals: two-factor authentication (2FA).
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