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Engineering a Top 10 Workplace Culture

By: Andrew Miller

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“Diverse. Smart. Passionate.”

“Challenging. Rewarding. Friendly.” 

“2019 Computerworld Best Places to Work in IT.”

Each of these are words that Dataprise employees have used to describe their workplace.  Attributes that go beyond the technical expertise and knowledge of the collective Dataprise family, and begin to address the true, human nature that drives Dataprise to be the absolute best. 

Okay, maybe I added that last one, but it’s true! Dataprise has been named one of the top ten Computerworld’s Best Places to work in IT for 2019! Unsurprisingly, it takes dedication to be a top workplace. With a continuous focus on employee wellness through new health initiatives, fantastic benefits, and team members who are constantly engaged, Dataprise has proven that our employees are our greatest asset, and that they have the drive to Win with IT.

How Our Employees Make Us Great

As our employees thrive, Dataprise continues to maintain focus on our primary goal of providing the best possible service to our clients.  Through continuous improvement and growth of our service offerings, we are able to streamline client communications, reduce wait times, and provide an unparalleled experience in managed IT services.

Mike, one of our vCIOs, says “Dataprise has always done its due diligence when it comes to ensuring that our personnel is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. We constantly push one another to find better, more secure, more impactful, more budget conscious solutions for our customers. Additionally, Executive Management has carved out budget and time for the staff to explore, learn and ultimately certify in areas that will benefit the employee, the organization and most importantly our customers.”

Providing our employees with the tools and knowledge to do the best work possible is one of the many steps that we take to ensure that Dataprise stays ahead of the competition, and in turn provide the best experience possible.

How We Make Our Employees Great

It’s our technical employees like Mike that drive the soul of Dataprise.  Without their spirit, passion, and expertise, Dataprise could not be what it is today.  If you’re considering a role in IT, here a just a few additional reasons to make Dataprise your top pick.

  1. We are Dedicated to Helping You Advance Your IT Career
    We believe that being engaged and challenged is one of the keys to a successful career.  Dataprise provides the tools and resources for you to succeed in the long term, while simultaneously furnishing you with independence and the ability to shape the future of Dataprise and the IT sector.  Dataprise provides training reimbursements, tuition assistance, and constant learning opportunities to drive your professional growth.  Whether you’re a member of the Technical Engineering Center (TEC), our Dataprise Cyber Security team, or any of our numerous technical roles, the opportunities and benefits are countless.
  1. Dataprise Benefits are Fantastic!We care about our employees (noticing a theme?), so it’s natural that in addition to professional development,we take a more holistic approach to providing the best opportunities for success. By balancing benefits between work-life balance, personal health and wellness, and professional and financial growth, we have created a system to set up our employees to be successful beyond the job.  Comprehensive health, medical, and vision plans only scratch the surface of the great benefits of working with Dataprise.  Other benefits include generous paid time off, 10 paid holidays, and a fully stocked kitchen!

“Dataprise keeps everyone informed, provides training opportunities to all our staff, and stays up to date on the latest and greatest in software, hardware, Information Security, and networking technologies. We definitely have a strong finger on the pulse of the IT industry.” – Josh, Client Onboarding Engineer

  1. Our Dataprise Family
    It wouldn’t be possible to win awards like the 2019 Computerworld Best Places to Work without a strong team.  In turn, to call Dataprise a strong team is an understatement.  At Dataprise, we are a family.  Through growth, experience, and expertise, we build integrated relationships across departments and specialties. These relationships create an unparalleled atmosphere of understanding and willingness to do our PART, and empower us to provide the best service possible.  As a part of the Dataprise family, you have the ability to enact change of an incredible scope, and be a part of an ever evolving company.

If Dataprise sounds like a pretty fantastic place to work, that’s because it genuinely is.  From the employees, to the workplace, benefits and beyond,  Dataprise has consistently proven that caring not only counts, but can be the difference between a good service and a great service, or a good company and a great company.  Thank you to all of the Dataprise employees who made this award possible, and who continue to make Dataprise a top place to work!


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