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IT’s the Job: Brendan

Marissa Withers

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Describe your work’s purpose and how you contribute to the company’s mission of Winning With IT.

As an Automation Systems Engineer, I attempt to push our tools beyond what they were meant to do on a daily basis to fulfill our client and internal teams’ needs. By automating complex tasks with scripts and policies, my work enables our staff to focus on the larger issues by taking the human element out and allowing processes to run automatically. This in turns helps Dataprise run even more efficiently to better serve our clients’ IT needs which allows them to focus on their business and not worry about their updates or maintenance for their computers. I think that is definitely winning with IT!

In what ways do you find fulfillment in the work that you do at Dataprise?

Being a vital resource for both my clients and company helps me appreciate the importance of my role here at Dataprise. Although my work is primarily remote, I make a direct impact on our clients’ work daily. This is something I take great pride in.

Can you please describe your typical day at Dataprise

I communicate with my team members in the morning and review pending tasks for the day. As a member of the Automation team, I engineer and develop solutions (scripts, policies, reports, etc.) to meet our clients’ needs. I also work with internal team members and external team members to collaborate towards Dataprise’s goals.

Describe Dataprise in three words.

Challenging, Rewarding, Friendly.

Tell us about the most challenging engineering or technical project that you have been involved with during the past year. What did you learn from it?

That would have to be the project where my team migrated a previous antivirus solution to the current Sophos solution. I developed the solution for this project which was a scripting toolset to help us automate deploying the Sophos antivirus to our endpoints.

Technical capabilities aside, what soft skills make you successful in your role?

The ability to articulate and communicate complex technical issues clearly with varying levels of technical detail. The ability to work well as a team on complex projects is also a must.

What do you think Dataprise does to stay on the cutting-edge of technology?

I feel the clients truly dictate what kind of technologies we need to be able to support. Being such a large Managed Services Provider in such an important area, we are exposed to some very complex cutting-edge technology. Through effective hiring to target people with expertise in needed areas, then utilizing internal training coupled with that knowedlge of the products, really allows Dataprise to prevail in cutting-edge technology.

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