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So you're interested in what?

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Check our recorded webinar session, "So you're interested in what?", to discover how to unlock the power of Microsoft's cloud computing tool for your business.

Azure is a sprawling, complex cloud environment and it can be daunting to determine the best way to start implementing it into your environment.

In this webinar, presenter Evan Doty talks about how other businesses have succeeded in jumpstarting Azure in their environments, the benefits they are getting from Azure, and how you can start to see those same benefits.

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Session Takeaways

During this session, we'll talk about:

  • What Azure is and how it is licensed
  • What other businesses are doing in Azure
  • Why they are doing it and how they benefit from Azure
  • What you need to know to do this yourself
  • How to get help with Azure if you need it
  • And more!


Meet the Presenter

Evan Doty Headshot

Evan Doty, Microsoft Systems Architect, Dataprise

Evan joined Dataprise in 2013 as a Project and Program Manager working on the Enterprise Services team. During his time on that team, he worked with a broad and diverse array of customers, led project implementations, assisted in developing information technology plans, and worked to ensure those plans were properly implemented. By the end of 2013, Evan began working as a Microsoft Systems Architect, first on the Strategic Partnerships team and now with Enterprise Design. In this role, he works closely with Microsoft and Dell, providing strategic guidance about new technologies and how best to implement them. Evan received his BA from Pitzer College, and his MS (Information Systems) from Claremont Graduate University.