ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Outsourcing IT in the New Normal

Outsourcing IT in the New Normal

Join us as we dive into the options for outsourcing IT in the new normal. With today's climate, impactful issues are more likely to fly under the radar as your workforce is mostly, or exclusively, working remotely. The IT industry has adapted to provide the best options to industries with their employees dispersed.

In this webinar, Ben Minehart, our Director of TEC Experience, discusses:

  • How to strategize the new ways your business can utilize IT in the new normal
  • Best options for managing IT problems when working remote
  • Effective ways to distribute and maintain end-user hardware with a remote workforce

Tune in to learn about the changes in the IT industry during the pandemic.

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Ben Minehart, Director of TEC Experience

Ben Minehart HS

Ben Minehart has spent a total of 13 years with the Dataprise team and has risen the ranks from a vCIO/Program Manager to his current role as Director of TEC experience. In his role as Director, Mr. Minehart is responsible for developing new and innovative ways to improve the experience within the Technical Engineering Center (TEC) for both clients and employees.

Mr. Minehart has over 15 years of experience in IT operations and management and uses his extensive experience to provide data-driven analysis and recommendations to drive improvements to Dataprise’s service delivery capabilities. As Director, he is also responsible for the TEC’s SLA and SLO delivery as well as facilitating a culture of excellence, focused on providing a great customer experience.

Mr. Minehart holds numerous IT certifications, including ITIL and MCP, and has his BA in Biology from the University of Virginia.