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Azure Data and Infrastructure Migration Assessment Overview

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner for infrastructure, and Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), Dataprise has proven deep solution expertise with Microsoft technologies. Dataprise has achieved Advanced Specializations within the Microsoft ecosystem and our team of over 40+ certified Azure experts are ready to help your organization migrate and optimize in the cloud.


Start your cloud migration journey

Are you looking to modernize your server and data center environments? Do you need help in prioritizing workloads and applications for cloud migration?


The Data and Infrastructure Migration Solution Assessment could be perfect for you. This assessment will evaluate your existing infrastructure environment, planned on-premise deployments, and future cloud-strategy, providing insights into the business, cost, and technology benefits of cloud migration. We partner directly with Microsoft to complete the assessment and guide your organization through the process - from reviewing options and timelines to cost and risks.


What does this include?

  • Data-driven findings on respective workload/application
  • Azure service and architecture recommendations
  • Azure cost consumption estimates
  • Procurement recommendations
  • Decision criteria and time frame
  • Migration plan
  • Proposal for implementation and migration


With our experienced experts guiding you through a four-phased process that identifies your business needs, you'll get the necessary recommendations for successful cloud migration. Make sure you're ready for the digital transformation with this assessment today!

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Gather data from the existing IT environment to determine its architecture and dependencies.

Landing Page Direct Inquiries Icon Plan Evaluate


After analysis, determine what options and changes are the top priority for business objectives.

Landing Page Direct Inquiries Icon Migrate


If you proceed, Dataprise works with you to develop a roadmap and timeline for migration to the cloud.

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As the migration takes place, track your progress and optimize your workflow towards completion.


The four-phased process for the Data and Infrastructure Migration Solution Assessment starts with a comprehensive assessment of your existing setup. Then a gap analysis is conducted to align workloads and applications to the cloud infrastructure. Third, an automated plan is created that outlines the migration strategy and timeline. Finally, our experienced experts provide guidance on best practices and strategies for the successful migration of your data and infrastructure. Our prior Microsoft honors include Gold Cloud Platform, Gold Cloud Productivity, Gold Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions, and Gold Datacenter.

Ready to get started?

Meet with our team to determine if an Azure Data and Infrastructure Migration is right for you with a Microsoft assessment.