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Cloud Computing Myths

Dataprise Cloud Services

Disperse the Myths Behind Cloud Computing

Is your company hesitant to move to the cloud? If so, perhaps they are falling for one of these common myths about cloud computing. Set the record straight: disperse the dark clouds of myths and help them see the silver-lining of a switch to cloud computing!

A server that is not in-house is less secure.

It is easier and more efficient to run updates, set permissions and perform security housekeeping measures for multiple servers in a cloud environment.

The cloud is very expensive.

While the initial costs might be expensive, you will see less expense over time. The cloud can change capital expenses into operating expenses. The cloud is scalable so that you only pay for what you use.

If someone else is managing the data, you won't need an in-house IT staff.

An IT staff can help manage the cloud solutions, big-data analytics and programming and employee education.

The cloud is just a fad like so many other technologies today.

With all the advantages companies receive from moving to the cloud, this is the future of business computing.

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