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Our Fully Managed IT Support Service combines strategic and technical expertise to maximize your IT infrastructure, delight your end-users and keep your business operating a peak performance.

Fully managed IT

Features of our Fully Managed IT Services

Gain an edge with our premier managed IT services powered by enterprise-grade tools, monitored by highly skilled IT experts, and coupled with world-class 24/7 IT management services and end-user support.

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Managed IT Strategy, Consulting & Reporting

Onboarding assessment and strategic roadmap, named service delivery manager and account manager, and monthly reporting and analytics.

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Premier 24/7/365 Managed IT Support

Harmonious end-user managed IT support services, onsite support, installs and changes, advanced service level agreements, and myHelpDesk™ Mobile App access.

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Proactive IT Management & Support

End-to-end managed IT services, 24/7/365 proactive network monitoring and automated systems management, and patch management of managed devices.

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Managed IT Security & Business Resiliency

Protecting your end-users with next-gen endpoint detection and protection, and managed data protection.

Explore What's In Our Fully Managed IT Support Services

Harmonious IT management awaits with our comprehensive managed IT support services and solutions. With our managed IT services, you can rest assured that your IT infrastructure is always in the hands of experienced and certified professionals. We provide proactive end-to-end IT management and support for all managed technologies, 24x7x365 network monitoring, patch management, and data protection. Our Premier Service Desk provides unlimited end-user support via email, chat, call or mobile app. We are a managed IT service company that offers advanced service level agreements and expert guidance, including IT infrastructure assessments and strategic roadmaps. Trust Dataprise as your IT support provider to bring harmony to your IT strategy and ensure your business runs smoothly.

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Dataprise beats expectations and delivers a fantastic, personalized experience

“The Dataprise team is accessible — not only do I have access to their engineers, but I can also easily contact the CEO if I need to. Even though they’re a large company, their customer service is fantastic and personalized.“


Human Resource Director

Enhancements for Dataprise Fully Managed IT Services

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Strategic, comprehensive cybersecurity services

Protect and monitor your data 24/7 with custom-built, single-tenant managed cybersecurity solutions from Dataprise that include:

  • Cyber Program Management
  • Managed Detection & Response (MDR)
  • Continuous Vulnerability Management


Dataprise DRaaS with ransomware protect

Protect critical data with Dataprise—a Veeam Platinum Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) focused on Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS). Our mission is to have our customers back up and running at full steam with minimal downtime with plans that include:

  • Enhanced data protection with near gap technology
  • Continuous monitoring local and remote backup environment
  • Daily updates of current local and remote restore points



businesses believe they are not fully protecting their data.


Million USD

the average cost to business recovering from a ransomware attack.

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Power Your Business with Dataprise Managed IT Support Services

At Dataprise, we offer top-notch managed IT support services and IT consulting to ensure your business is always running smoothly. As an experienced IT support provider, we specialize in delivering end-to-end IT management services for all your managed technologies. Our managed IT services and support are available 24x7x365, with unlimited end-user support via our premier service desk. As a leading managed IT service company, we offer managed data protection and end-user anti-spam and advanced email recovery services. We also provide expert guidance when you need it, with onboarding IT infrastructure assessment and strategic roadmap, named service delivery manager and account manager, monthly program reporting and analytics, and a live network documentation portal. 

Benefits of Dataprise Managed IT Services

Comprehensive Managed IT Support Services

With Dataprise's fully-managed IT support services, you can focus on growing your business while we handle the technology. We provide comprehensive support for all managed technologies, including 24x7x365 proactive network monitoring and automated systems management, patch management, and end-user support via our premier service desk.

Strategic IT Management Services

Our IT management services are designed to optimize your technology infrastructure for maximum efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and security. We offer a range of services, from onboarding IT infrastructure assessment and strategic roadmap development to named client technology managers, monthly program reporting and analytics, and live network documentation portal access.

Expert IT Support Provider

As a expert IT support provider, Dataprise has the expertise, resources, and tools to deliver exceptional managed IT services and support. Our team of certified IT professionals provides unlimited end-user support, onsite support as required, advanced service level agreements, and responsive support via email, chat, call, or our mobile app.

Proactive IT Managed Support Services

Our IT managed support services provide 24x7x365 proactive network monitoring and automated systems management. This enables us to detect and resolve issues before they become problems, keeping your technology running smoothly and efficiently.

Managed IT Service Provider FAQS

What are managed services in IT?

Managed services in IT refer to the practice of outsourcing specific IT functions and responsibilities to a third-party provider called a Managed Services Provider (MSP). These providers offer a comprehensive range of IT services that are designed to proactively manage, monitor, and support an organization's IT infrastructure and systems. By leveraging remote monitoring tools, proactive maintenance, and round-the-clock support, MSPs ensure that businesses have reliable and secure IT operations without the need for an in-house IT team.


Managed IT services encompass various aspects of IT management, including network monitoring, cybersecurity, data backup and recovery, software updates, and technical support. MSPs take a proactive approach to identify and address potential issues before they turn into major problems, minimizing downtime and optimizing system performance. This allows businesses to focus on their core competencies while leaving the IT management to the experts.

What do managed IT services include?

Managed IT services cover a wide range of services and support to meet the unique needs of each organization. Some of the key components typically included in managed IT services are:

24/7 Monitoring and Support

One of the primary benefits of managed IT services is the continuous monitoring and support provided by MSPs. They use advanced monitoring tools and technologies to keep a close eye on your network, servers, and devices, detecting any potential issues or security threats in real-time. This proactive monitoring allows MSPs to identify and resolve problems before they impact your business operations.

Help Desk Support

Managed IT services often include a dedicated help desk support team that is available 24/7 to address any IT-related issues or concerns. Whether it's a simple password reset or a complex technical problem, users can reach out to the help desk for prompt assistance. The help desk team can provide remote support, guiding users through troubleshooting steps or, if necessary, dispatching on-site technicians.

Network Security and Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a top priority for businesses in the digital age, and managed IT services play a crucial role in protecting organizations from evolving cyber threats. MSPs implement robust security measures to safeguard networks, systems, and data from unauthorized access, malware, ransomware, and other cyberattacks. They continuously monitor and update security protocols, perform vulnerability assessments, and provide proactive threat detection and response to minimize the risk of security breaches.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data loss can have severe consequences for businesses, ranging from financial losses to reputational damage. Managed IT services include data backup and disaster recovery solutions to ensure that critical business data is securely backed up and can be quickly restored in the event of data loss or system failure. MSPs design and implement backup strategies and recovery plans tailored to the specific needs of your organization, providing peace of mind and minimizing the risk of data loss.

IT Consulting and Strategy

MSPs bring valuable expertise and industry knowledge to the table, acting as trusted advisors for IT strategy and decision-making. They work closely with businesses to understand their goals, challenges, and technology requirements, providing strategic guidance on IT infrastructure, software applications, and digital transformation initiatives. Managed IT services providers help organizations align their technology investments with their business objectives and stay ahead of technological advancements.

Software and Patch Management

Keeping software applications up to date with the latest security patches is essential for maintaining a secure IT environment. Managed IT services include software and patch management, ensuring that all software applications across your organization are regularly updated with the latest patches and security updates. This proactive approach minimizes vulnerabilities and reduces the risk of exploitation by cybercriminals.

Infrastructure Management

Managing complex IT infrastructure can be time-consuming and resource-intensive for businesses. Managed IT services providers take care of infrastructure management, including server maintenance, network configuration, hardware upgrades, and cloud management. They ensure that your infrastructure is optimized for performance, scalability, and reliability, allowing your organization to focus on core business operations.

These are just a few examples of the many services and support offered by managed IT services providers. The specific services included in a managed IT services package can vary depending on your organization's needs and the MSP you choose to partner with.

Who is a good fit for managed IT services?

Managed IT services are suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. Whether you're a small startup, a mid-sized company, or a large enterprise, managed IT services can provide significant value and support. Here are a few scenarios where businesses can benefit from managed IT services:

Small to Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs)

For SMBs, managed IT services offer a cost-effective solution to access comprehensive IT support without the need for a large in-house IT team. The expertise and resources provided by MSPs enable SMBs to compete with larger organizations by leveraging advanced technologies, robust security measures, and reliable IT infrastructure.

Large Enterprises

Even large enterprises with extensive internal IT departments can benefit from managed IT services. MSPs can complement and augment existing IT teams, providing specialized expertise, scalability, and additional support during peak periods or for specific projects. This allows internal IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives while leaving day-to-day IT management to the MSP.

Organizations with Compliance Requirements

Companies operating in highly regulated industries, such as healthcare, finance, or legal, often have strict compliance requirements to meet. Managed IT services providers can help ensure that your IT infrastructure and processes align with industry regulations and standards. They can implement security measures, perform regular audits, and provide documentation to demonstrate compliance, reducing the risk of penalties and reputational damage.

Businesses with Limited IT Resources

Some organizations may have limited IT resources or lack the expertise to manage complex IT systems effectively. Managed IT services offer a comprehensive solution, providing access to a team of IT professionals with diverse skills and experience. This allows businesses to leverage the expertise of MSPs to optimize their IT infrastructure, improve security, and enhance overall operations.


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