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Commercial Manufacturing Organization Selects Dataprise for a Comprehensive IT Assessment

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Client Profile

A leading commercial manufacturing business recognized the critical importance of aligning its IT capabilities with its overarching business goals. Despite having robust IT infrastructure in place, the company sought to ensure its technology investments and resources were strategically aligned to support its growth and operational objectives. To achieve this alignment, they partnered with Dataprise for a comprehensive business-aligned IT assessment.

Client’s Challenges & Dataprise’s Approach

The commercial manufacturing business faced challenges in ensuring their IT infrastructure and organization were effectively supporting their business goals. There was a lack of clarity regarding how IT initiatives and resources were contributing to the company’s strategic objectives. Additionally, there were concerns about potential inefficiencies and areas of improvement within the IT landscape. Much of their infrastructure was aging or near end-of-life, further adding to overall business risk. 

Our approach began with stakeholder interviews aimed at understanding the business’ goals, challenges, and priorities. Through these interviews, we gained insights into their strategic direction and identified areas where IT could better support key business objectives. Following this stage, we conducted a thorough evaluation of their IT infrastructure and IT organization against the identified business goals to assess alignment and uncover areas for improvement.

Solution Implemented

Based on the findings from our assessment and alignment with the business’ stated goals, we recommended priority projects aimed at enhancing IT capabilities and better supporting business objectives. These recommendations encompassed initiatives (e.g., infrastructure upgrades, process optimizations, organizational enhancements) to improve efficiency, scalability, and alignment with strategic goals.

Implementation Process

The process began with business-alignment workshops with key stakeholders to ensure a thorough understanding of the company’s strategic goals and challenges. These workshops served as a foundation for aligning IT initiatives with business objectives.

Following the workshops, our team of technical experts conducted a deep-dive analysis of the company’s IT environment. This analysis included a review of existing infrastructure, systems, and processes to identify areas of improvement and alignment with the business’ goals.

Based on the insights gathered from the workshops and technical analysis, our Solution Architects provided budgetary estimates to accompany the Advisor’s recommendations. 

Throughout the implementation process, we provided ongoing support and guidance to the company’s IT and business stakeholders. This guidance included regular progress updates, risk assessments, and adjustments to the roadmaps as needed to ensure alignment with strategic objectives and successful project delivery.

Results Achieved

Following the IT alignment project, the commercial manufacturing business reported significant improvements in its ability to view IT holistically and make informed decisions regarding its infrastructure and IT service providers. The recommendations and budget guidance provided by our team helped the company plan for the coming fiscal year, ensuring that its IT investments were aligned with strategic goals and budgetary constraints.

Additionally, the overall report produced as part of the assessment process facilitated important discussions throughout the company, fostering a deeper understanding of the role of IT in driving business success. The company was now better equipped to leverage technology as a strategic enabler, leading to improved efficiency, agility, and competitiveness in the market.

Lessons Learned

Through our engagement with the company, we learned the importance of aligning IT initiatives with business objectives to drive tangible value and competitive advantage. We also gained insights into the complexities of navigating manufacturing machinery that was dependent on legacy technologies.


Our partnership with the commercial manufacturing business underscores the critical role of aligning IT with business goals to drive innovation, efficiency, and competitiveness. By conducting a comprehensive business-aligned IT assessment and recommending priority projects, we helped the company leverage technology as a strategic enabler of growth and success.

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