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We are Airnet. Now we are Dataprise.

You've known us as the premier Microsoft Managed Partner for Azure Migrations. Now get to know us as Dataprise.


As part of Dataprise, we’ve joined a national firm with the same reputation for providing end-to-end IT services, but with a broader reach and a deeper bench. You can still count on us for your Microsoft Azure Migrations and ongoing management, only now we have even more strength and scale.

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With 1,000 Migrations Complete, We’ve Seen & Solved It All

Our team of 40+ Azure experts combine unmatched cloud migration experience with a proven methodology for the best solutions.

Microsoft Solutions Partner Azure

Microsoft Solution Partner: Azure

We are known for our deep experience in guiding cloud migrations with Microsoft Azure. We’re experts at assessing, designing, migrating and managing Azure-powered solutions.

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Airnet Cloud Migration Process

Our straight-forward process -- Assess > Plan > Migrate > AAF > Optimize > Manage -- ensures you have a high quality and successful cloud experience with us and achieve the business outcomes you expect.

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Airnet Azure Foundations™

A ready-to-use, secure Azure environment in a matter of minutes. Learn more about the power of our pre-architected framework for streamlining deployment of Azure resources.

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51-Point Systems Assessment Tool

With our Dataprise Airnet Systems Assessment Tool we’ll collect and analyze your data to build an optimized and intelligent migration path.


The Airnet Cloud Migration Process

Planning & Migration Efficiency: Create a phased or hybrid migration approach that fits your needs. We’re experts in determining server dependencies, consolidating systems, and identifying optimizations to accurately right-size your infrastructure.

Intelligent Optimization: Don’t accept a disjointed, legacy architecture. We can modernize your environment to create efficient, unified, and common data services. Plus reduce cost and excess usage while creating seamless integrations to new and existing environments.

Operational Managed Services: Experience 24/7/365 expert operational systems management – ongoing optimization, tuning, monitoring, provisioning, and troubleshooting - all done by the Dataprise Airnet team of experts.

Azure Migration Process Diagram
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A Turnkey Azure Deployment Framework

Dataprise's Airnet Azure Foundations is a pre-architected framework for streamlining deployment of Azure resources. It provides a secure, flexible Azure environment. Migrate to the cloud quickly and easily with an automated setup of your Azure environment using a scalable, standardized and pre-architected framework.

  • Pre-Architected Framework
  • Removes Azure Guesswork
  • No Complicated, Expensive Planning Steps


The Airnet Systems Assessment Tool is Your Cloud Migration Crystal Ball

It is not always quick or easy to have an accurate view of your true IT infrastructure and associated costs so consider our Airnet Systems Assessment Tool your cloud crystal ball. We collect the key data points to provide you with analysis of your current IT infrastructure costs, inventory, right-sizing, and performance based on over 55 system metrics.


Data points collected in our System Assessment Tool for Azure migration planning

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CJGC Right Sizes with Azure Migration, Improving Disaster Recovery and Security

"Although they were already working within a hybrid network environment, CJCC felt hindered and confined by the restrictive nature of the government cloud tenant they were using to run specific apps and wanted to make a change. Migrating and right-sizing their workloads resulted in a substantial 40% cost savings for CJCC."

Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council


Ready to experience harmonious IT?

As one of the nation's largest managed IT services providers, our pool of over 500 certified engineers, subject matter experts, and IT support staff remove the burden of IT—freeing you up to be the best at what you do.

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Dataprise's Airnet Azure Foundation

A ready-to-use, secure Azure environment in a matter of minutes. Learn more about the power of our pre-architected framework for streamlining deployment of Azure resources.

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