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At Dataprise, It Takes A Team to Help Businesses WIN

Kudos are sent out company-wide to spread the word and give recognition, praise, and encouragement to our employees for going above and beyond the call of duty and/or for providing exceptional customer service. Below, you'll find a variety of unsolicited kudos sent in from various clients. Check out our client feedback to gain a deeper understanding as to how the people at Dataprise truly help clients of all shapes and sizes WIN with IT on a daily basis. 

'Professionalism and Technical Expertise'

"I was fortunate to have Dataprise provide our IT technical support at the non-profit advocacy organization I ran for many years. It was their professionalism and technical expertise that drew us and kept us as a client. I wish you and your colleagues continued success!"

-Randy, Dataprise Client
Dataprise circular icons 'Doing Our P.A.R.T.'

“Good morning, I wanted to send you a quick letter letting you know how grateful I am that our problem with syncing the handhelds has been resolved. Your team was finally able to figure out that the problem all along was Time Warner Cable. While I can’t express how sorry I am that you had to put so much time and resources into fixing our issue for something that turned out to be a rather minor issue, none the less, thank you very much from myself and our team here in Montgomery. We are very happy to know that we no longer have the problem, but, more importantly, that the problem was found and fixed before we had a bigger problem.”

-Lenny, Dataprise Client
Member of the Dataprise team doing their P.A.R.T.
Dataprise circular icons 'Confidence in Our IT Department'

"I met with Grant T. last week to review the draft audit report before our June 30th board meeting. The auditors stressed how strong our IT dept is and how far we have come since last year’s audit. What they don’t know, because they weren’t our auditors before that, is just how far we’ve come since you joined the BG team. The turnaround has been incredible. I cannot thank you enough for giving us confidence in our IT dept and ensuring that we are becoming stronger every day. Many thanks"

-Brenda, Dataprise Client
Dataprise team members solving an IT issue in real-time.
Dataprise circular icons 'You Have A Super Star on Your Hands'

My name is Jenny, and I am the Property Manager for (SIC). I wanted to take a few minutes and reach out to you regarding one of your employees, Justin St. Louis, and the amazing service I have received from him. It is extremely rare to find someone who is attentive, and who genuinely cares about the client. I couldn’t be more happy and pleasantly shocked at his outstanding work performance. He was strong for me with Verizon when I couldn’t be, and he was attentive to me when he didn’t have to be. I am so thankful to him, and to Dataprise, for all of the hard work put forth, and want to applaud Justin’s dedication and determination to this matter. You have a super star on your hands! Much thanks and two thumbs up!"

-Jenny, Dataprise Client
Dataprise team working on solving an IT challenge in real-time.

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