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We are Global Data Vault. Now we are Dataprise.

We are the same premier Veeam Platinum Cloud Partner clients and partners love, only now we have even more strength, scale, and data resiliency solutions.

Veeam Platinum Partner Dataprise


Your IT Partner for Data Protection & Business Resilience

Dataprise + Global Data Vault’s expertise in DRaaS, BaaS, and Microsoft 365 backup allows you to shift your focus to strategic IT initiatives while we protect and restore your most valuable asset: your data. We champion the best practice 3-2-1-1-0 rule (three copies of your data, two different media, one offsite, one immutable, and with zero errors), positioning ourselves as your primary choice for offsite data protection and recovery, and business resiliency.





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Get to Know Our Data Resilience Solutions

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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Minimize downtime and bring efficiency to recovering data and applications with a cloud DRaaS solution

Backup as a Service for Veeam

Recover more quickly with our Cloud Backup for Veeam Cloud Connect - setting the standard for backup and resilience in the cloud.

Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365

Protect your Microsoft 365 data against deletion, security threats and gain long-term retention with our cloud backup solution.

Business Continuity & DR Planning

Our strategic consultants work with you to develop comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plans


Veeam: The Backbone of Our Solutions

Our Veeam Expertise: Our technical bench includes Veeam-certified engineers, Veeam-certified architects, and a Veeam Vanguard. These VMCEs and VMCAs provide deep expertise in Veeam solutions with many years of experience. These certifications, renowned for their rigor, underscore our team's hands-on experience and in-depth understanding of Veeam technologies.

Veeam Vanguard Status: Chosen by Veeam for their contributions to further the Veeam brand at the highest level in the many technology communities where Veeam has influence. These individuals are chosen for their acumen, engagement, and contributions to Veeam in their activities on and offline.

Veeam Competencies: We boasts three Veeam competency certifications: DRaaS, Offsite Backup, and BaaS for Office 365. The Veeam Competency Program distinguishes partners for their technical proficiency and unique market offerings. While many customers lack the in-house capabilities to fully leverage their IT strategies, the Veeam Competency Program plays a pivotal role in identifying the data protection industry leaders who maintain the necessary expertise tailored to their specific data protection needs.

VCSP Platinum Partner


Request a Quote: DRaaS, BaaS or 365 Backup

Dataprise leverages Veeam to enable Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS), and Microsoft 365 Backup. We offer a comprehensive data protection and availability strategy to suit your needs.

Our Data Protection Advantage

As a top-level, Platinum Veeam Cloud & Service Provider, our mission is clear: Protect and restore your organization's critical data with world-class protection and an elite staff who ensures seamless business continuity and zero downtime.

Enhanced Data Protection

Ransomware and malware attacks are among the top concerns businesses have about cybersecurity and their applications and data, affecting an organization’s ability to deliver goods and services. Ransomware will try to encrypt or delete your backups locally and in the cloud. We developed Enhanced Data Protection to thwart malicious activity and keep your data safe in our cloud. Our proprietary technology adds the next-level protection your company needs to protect your data from ransomware.

Data Quality

We do more than send you a success or failure status report. We monitor whether your local and remote backups are within service level agreements (SLAs) that reflect desired recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs).

Proactive Monitoring

Providing fast, efficient restores and recoveries is critical to our customers. By continuously monitoring backup results, we will know about, alert you of, and/or proactively fix any issues before they impact production or our ability to recover your data. We simplify all this by extending the tools we use to monitor, manage and capture the details that define each customer’s network. We keep this data and perform automated builds to verify and test your full network


Every customer’s portal has real-time dashboards and reports regarding the status of your data protection. You will see SLA compliance, job status, restore points, enhanced data protection status, and site information.

Annual DR Test

We don’t just promise recoverability; we prove it. Recoverability of applications and data is critical, and the time to discover something does not work is not during an emergency. We will spin up your workloads in our cloud and give you access to test connectivity, applications, and functionality.

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CJGC Right Sizes with Azure Migration, Improving Disaster Recovery and Security

"Although they were already working within a hybrid network environment, CJCC felt hindered and confined by the restrictive nature of the government cloud tenant they were using to run specific apps and wanted to make a change. Migrating and right-sizing their workloads resulted in a substantial 40% cost savings for CJCC."

Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council


Request a Quote: DRaaS, BaaS or 365 Backup

Dataprise leverages Veeam to enable Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS), and Microsoft 365 Backup. We offer a comprehensive data protection and availability strategy to suit your needs.

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Azure Cloud Migration Services

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