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Optimize Real Estate Dealings

Enhance your infrastructure with industry-leading IT services for real estate businesses. As a national MSP, Dataprise has the expertise and resources to help our real estate clients reach their full potential.

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Adaptive, flexible IT services for real estate

The real estate industry is evolving and your business must evolve along with it. Dataprise offers consulting and IT assessments for real estate companies of all sizes. We set you up for success in marketing and running your business effectively.


Resolve issues quickly with our Technical Engineering Center that is fully staffed with certified engineers who are available around the clock to provide IT services for your real estate business.


Effective, affordable security services for real estate

Dataprise has a separate team of experts dedicated solely to securing your business. This is particularly important if you and your agents are on the go, moving from one property visit to another, and accessing corporate data. If you are worried about any data breaches or hacks, look no further than Dataprise’s managed cybersecurity. As a managed security services provider, we can help your organization assess, protect, detect, and respond to threats.

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Supporting Real Estate Development Growth

“I had total confidence in the team. The engineering team, the project management team, the vCIO - everyone was working together as if they were part of Foulger-Pratt.”


Director of IT


Ready to experience harmonious IT?

As one of the nation's largest managed IT services providers, our pool of over 500 certified engineers, subject matter experts, and IT support staff remove the burden of IT—freeing you up to be the best at what you do.