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IT Disaster Recovery Planning

A Well-Crafted IT Disaster Recovery Plan Ensures You Are Prepared for Anything

With guidance from our disaster recovery specialists, your customized disaster recovery plan helps you avoid significant loss so your business stays connected and running smoothly.

Studies have shown that for companies that experience a "major loss" of computer records, 43 percent never reopened, 51 percent closed within two years of the loss, and only 6 percent survived over the long-term. Having a well-crafted IT disaster recovery and business continuity strategy grounded in a robust data backup and recovery solution is essential.

Loss of data could mean lost emails, accounting data, patient or client files, company records, or client records. It also means potential loss of revenue.

Our IT Disaster Recovery Consulting Team specializes in helping our customers devise near bulletproof IT Disaster Recovery Plans, so they can have peace of mind that critical systems and processes are safe, and/or can recover from any potential data loss situation.

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Business Continuity Planning

Along with an IT Disaster Recovery Plan, a Business Continuity Plan is the blueprint for how businesses plan to survive everything from local equipment failure to global disaster. Data-oriented BCP is an indispensable component of business planning that poses challenges for businesses of all sizes. Most smaller businesses  lack the in-house IT resources to achieve these demanding planning, technical and process requirements. 

Therefore, many SMB's either neglect to implement any data-oriented business continuity plan or approach data backup and recovery in a sporadic, rudimentary fashion that fails to conform to the best practices of BCP. Our Disaster Recovery Consulting Team is ready to create your plan of action. To learn more, please contact us today.

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