Project Management as a Service: Outsourcing Project Management Services

Outsourcing Project Management Services Optimizes Your Working Environment

Project management is an essential component in service delivery, and applying project management methodologies, tools, and knowledge helps ensure each project is successful. Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) is external assistance that allows your organization to purchase different aspects of project management on demand. Our industry professionals become an extension of your team to ensure your processes run smoothly and your projects are completed on time and on budget. Your organization benefits from our deep talent pool of certified project management professionals who can jump right in and hit the ground running. By outsourcing project managment services with us, we'll manage your projects while you and your team run your business.

How PMaaS Transforms Your Business:


With over two decades of industry experience, Dataprise is well-equipped to manage whatever IT project your business is undertaking. Our project managers are trained, certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI) in industry best practices, and work with businesses of all sizes to optimize their technological environments. Project Management as a Service helps your business reach its goals by leveraging an experienced team of IT professionals.


Our team provide an objective look at what is happening within your business. With Project Management as a Service, your dedicated Dataprise project manager is independent and not influenced by internal politics or third-party vendor preferences. They provide impartial guidance and governance to improve overall project delivery and success. By outsourcing project management services, your organization benefits from the external perspective of our industry-leading methodologies.

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Dataprise’s team of project managers specialize in IT project management. Holding multiple IT certifications and a wealth of experience, our project managers understand the level of effort required to attain your goals, which helps your business budget and plan effectively. Dataprise’s team also maintains a regular reporting cadence with your organization to ensure your project is on track and progressing. With Project Management as a Service, your business gains further expertise from our skilled professionals.

Let Dataprise Project Management as a Service Help You

  • When your teams are stretched too thin or you have competing priorities
  • When your business has multiple concurrent internal initiatives and needs assistance with reporting
  • If your organization has a Project Management Office (PMO) and/or project managers, and needs to scale up quickly without the time to hire

Project Capabilities

An understanding of your mission, business processes, and industry to drive efficiency and help you succeed.

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