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End-Of-Life IT and How it Affects Your Business

The term “end-of-life” refers to when a vendor no longer manufactures or supports a product. “End-of-support” refers to when that product no longer receives valuable upgrades, patches, or overall maintenance.

As technology continues to evolve, it is becoming more important that businesses identify end-of-life IT solutions. By utilizing products after either their end-of-life or end-of-support dates, your organization is at risk and susceptible to hackers, compliance violations, higher operating costs, and incompatibility issues.

An IT refresh cycle establishes a predictable process for upgrading old technology with new assets on a regular basis. The benefits of an IT refresh cycle are as follows:

Decrease Downtime and Failure Rates:

As older systems become obsolete, they slow down and fail more often which results in unwanted downtime and increased security risk.

Gain Efficiencies and Improved Functionality:

By remaining current with new technology, you gain more features, improved processes, and better energy efficiency.

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Prevent Technology Obsolescence:

Old equipment will eventually create issues. Servers will be unable to handle the newest versions of your critical applications. Networks will run at slower speeds than modern infrastructure supports. Vendors will not provide support when critical hardware or software fails. An IT refresh can identify and replace obsolete assets while bringing new life to old technology.

With Dataprise as your IT partner, we leverage our relationships with the leaders in the IT industry to stay ahead of support ends. Through ongoing account management, we collaborate on a strategic roadmap that aligns with your business goals, helps you plan for any necessary upgrades, and considers your budgetary needs. As part of our IT refresh services, we work closely with your organization to help you understand your options and develop the right end-of-life IT solution.

Here's How Dataprise Can Help You with an IT Refresh:

Our team of technical consultants and certified experts do everything in their power to ensure a seamless hardware refresh while you continue to run your business.

Your business might have an influx of hardware physically taking up space in your server room and could be looking to downsize. A migration to the cloud can help your organization reduce the amount of space and maximize on a remote environment.

Dataprise assists with an installation but does not just do a one-for-one replacement. Our IT project managers and engineers work together with your employees to figure out what options of hardware and software best fit your business strategy, ensuring long term success.

When your business’ technology is out-of-date or needs a hardware refresh, we help handle the set-up and implementation of new hardware and/or software. Our certified experts ensure you and your teams are set up for success with the upgrade of new technology.

As one of the top Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) worldwide, Dataprise provides expert IT refresh services to upgrade your information safely and securely. Our designated team of security experts constantly monitors these processes according to industry best practices.

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