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IT Security Assessments

IT Security Assessments Protect Your Network

Get an IT Security Assessment from Dataprise to gain a competitive advantage in your industry.

There’s a reason cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Hackers, malware, and other threats to your network security grow more sophisticated every day. In the past, network security meant a firewall and some antivirus software, but those measures are only a fraction of today’s best practices for network security and data protection. If you only have one firewall, what happens if your hardware fails? If your firewall isn’t configured properly, it may not catch a well-disguised threat. And if your antivirus software is not updated continuously, it won’t protect you from the latest malware. Modern network security is a complex, ongoing effort to stay ahead of evolving threats.

So How Do You Know If Your Network Security is Effective?

The best way to evaluate the security of your network is to compare your network security services to the latest recommendations and best practices from leading IT security resources. Similar to a 300-point used car inspection, a comprehensive assessment of your network security will reveal every weakness, vulnerability, and opportunity to improve your network security posture. Once you have the complete results of your network security assessment, you'll know exactly how effective your network security is, and you can make informed decisions about how best to improve it. 

Your Comprehensive IT Security Assessment Report 

The Dataprise IT Security Assessment is a comprehensive examination and evaluation of your network security compared to the latest best practices. A certified security expert comes to your place of business and inspects your network for vulnerabilities. We use an extensive questionnaire that addresses everything from firewall configuration to physical security to cybersecurity policy and documentation. Once we’ve recorded our findings, we score your network security against the latest standards, and we compile the results into a network security assessment report. 

Your report includes summaries and details of our findings, and actionable recommendations to improve your security posture. We review the report with you, and discuss your security priorities in order to create a specific action plan and budget that meets your needs.

Our security assessments can also be customized to your network and budget - contact Dataprise today for a quote!

Penetration Testing Services
Expert-level network security perimeter testing and remediation.

Penetration testing is a proven method of evaluating the security of your network infrastructure and applications by simulating a variety of malicious attacks against your network. 

During a penetration test Dataprise combines both manual and automated techniques including firewall penetration testing to help ensure that your sensitive data is properly protected and that compliance requirements are always being met. 

After conducting a penetration test we provide a comprehensive report telling you exactly where your vulnerabilities are and how to secure your business against real-life attacks. 

External Penetration Testing Services Include:

  • Firewall & Web Appliance penetration testing
  • Social Engineering testing
  • Web Application penetration testing
  • Mobile Application penetration testing
  • Digital Forensics gathering
And each test is typically comprised of the following four phrases:

  • Network Reconnaissance / Asset Discovery
  • Device Analysis & Vulnerability Identification
  • Device Penetration
  • Compromise Analysis & Privilege Escalation

If you are serious about the security of your network and data, don't sit back and wait for an attack to happen. Make sure you perform regular penetration testing so you can be aware of your vulnerabilities - before someone else is. Contact us today to secure your network!

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