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Business Intelligence Solutions

Business Intelligence Is Key To Gaining A Competitive Advantage

The Web and Mobile solutions experts at Dataprise will help your organization win with Business Intelligence so you can make more informed decisions and beat out your competition.

What is business intelligence and why does it matter for my business? Business intelligence is a set of theories, processes and methodologies and technologies that can transform business's raw or 'Big' data into useful information and actionable insight for smarter business purposes. The Business Intelligence experts at Dataprise are poised to take your data and help you make the most use out of it.

Data is the lifeblood that powers every organization today, big or small, commercial enterprise or government agency. The use of Business Intelligence by different departments across an organization is changing operations and decision-making from the inside out. Turn to Dataprise for Business Intelligence solutions which will improve transparency, interdepartmental cross-pollination, and business efficiency.

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Why Business Intelligence Matters for the Success of Your Business:

Microsoft Gold Partner for Business Intelligence Strategy

Real-Time Access to Dashboards from Anywhere

Microsoft Power BI works on Windows and Windows mobile devices and it has mobile collaboration features as well as native applications for both iPhones, iPads and Android.

Greater Insight on Your Business

The capabilities of Power BI allow you to combine data in a single place or dashboard, which allows for greater, more holistic view on your business insights than if the data was isolated. Dashboards are really important because if your data is isolated, you are not able to see everything at the same time.

Your Data - All In One Place

One of the biggest benefits of Microsoft Power BI is that it can pull in key business metrics and data from various applications (e.g., Google Analytics, QuickBooks and MailChimp) so you can see your data in real-time on one application. With Power BI, you now have a real-time 360-degree look at your data in one place.

Benefits of Business Intelligence for Inter-Departmental Success & Collaboration

Decision Makers

Business Intelligence will give the decision maker a hollistic view of the company in one single place in real-time, as well as access to key business metrics and company performance measurement.

Sales Teams

Account Executives can turn to Business Intelligence for real-time insight of the pipeline through CRM integration, lead conversion analysis, deals analysis for future performance improvement as well as conversion rate tracking and comparison.

Customer Support

Account Managers can use Business Intelligence to gain information on the performance of the client pipeline through CRM integration,and use deal analysis for future performance improvement.


Business Intelligence benefits the finance department with real-time expense management, accounts receivable and accounts payable analysis, general ledger/balance sheet analysis and profit and loss analysis.

Human Resources

A business' HR department can benefit from Business Intelligence when looking to monitor employee productivity, compensation analysis, workforce profile, turnover trends and return on human capital.


Marketers can use Business Intelligence for monitoring and analysis of marketing campaigns, brand loyalty tracking, resource allocation, lifetime customer values, buyer behavior and of most importantly - ROI.

A Trusted Microsoft Collaboration and Content Partner

Since 2001, the Dataprise Web Solutions team has created over 600 SharePoint web parts for businesses ranging from retail, small to medium-sized business and professional services including healthcare, law firms, construction companies and more.

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