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Data Modernization Workshop: Transform Your Business in Three Days with Real-Time Access to Your Data

Trying to run your business based on real-time, data-centric decisions? Dataprise can help you with a Data Modernization Workshop.

Dataprise's Data Analytics team will help you take the first step to being a more efficient and data-driven business. Our proven methodology will help you choose the right data modernization best practices for your organization. We will demonstrate the reporting capabilities of Power BI and will provide a roadmap for modernizing the rest of your business's data.

What's in a Business Data Workshop with Dataprise?


  • Review of Your Business: Gain an understanding of your organization, KPIs, Departments, etc.
  • Review of Sources: A review of your organization's existing reports and data sources
  • Power BI Overview: The capabilities and benefits of using Power BI


Establishing what data report would best benefit you and your business to improve your data accessibility.


  • We connect to your data sources
  • Transform your data sources into Power BI
  • Develop visualizations that help you make decisions and gain insights into your business


Draft report and an understanding of what tools are in place.


  • Review report with stakeholders
  • Refine report
  • Publish report


Published report, Power BI tips and tricks, and a roadmap to modernize the rest of your data.

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