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Todd Mitchell

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Chief Operating Officer

Todd Mitchell is a seasoned leader and strategist who brings over 18 years of management and technical experience to Dataprise. Mr. Mitchell has held a wide variety of roles in product, sales, customer support, and operations in both entrepreneurial settings and at large scale technology companies and is an expert in business strategy, product management, customer acquisition, and revenue/expense optimization . He has worked extensively in managed services, enterprise cloud, managed security, compliance, public and private cloud, hybrid hosting, datacenters, and colocation.

As COO, Mr. Mitchell is responsible for overseeing and managing all customer facing and service delivery functions as well as contributing to the overall strategy and growth of Dataprise.

Mr. Mitchell studied Electronics Engineering at St. Lawrence College.

Meet Todd, Chief Operating Officer at Dataprise

"I hope to build upon the heritgage and DNA that the founders and other members of management have built over the last 20+ years. My key goal is take all the great work done over that time period and build upon it. As we think about the future in service delivery, in customer growth, partnering and helping each other solve hard IT problems, go through IT transformations, myself and other key executives on the team will be responsible for that engagement with our customers."