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Business Email Compromise: A Growing Threat

October, 2018 BY Tim Foley
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Mission-Driven Organizations: Make Your IT Budget Go Further

For mission-driven organizations, managing business expenses is crucial. Learn how to get the most out of your IT budget in this blog.
IT Consulting

The 4 C's of Selecting an IT Partner

Choosing the right IT managed service provider is a critical business decision. We've compiled the main elements that should play into your choice: the 4 C's. Read the blog to make sure you are selecting the perfect MSP partner.
Managed Service Provider

IT's the Job: Daryl

Daryl completed his MBA while at Dataprise. Learn more about what inspires him to help our clients find the perfect technology solutions in our latest IT's the Job feature.
Talent Acquisition

Dataprise Women in Technology: Meet Yasmin

Meet Yasmin, an Account Manager on our Carrier/Telephony Services team! Learn more about how she got into the IT field in our latest Women in Technology feature.
Talent Acquisition

5 Ways to Use Technology to Train Employees

How can your organization utilize technology to save time and money on training employees? This blog provides 5 ways to improve training processes with tech.
Talent Acquisition

IT's the Job: Corey

IT's the Job employee profile: meet Corey, a Senior Service Desk Engineer.
Talent Acquisition

Women in Technology: Meet Kelly

Meet Kelly, an Account Manager for our Carrier/Telephony Services team. Learn more about her career in IT in our latest Women in Technology blog.
Talent Acquisition

Identifying Your Business IT Needs

This excerpt from the free eBook "The Ultimate Guide to IT Outsourcing" provides a list of questions decision-makers should ask to become familiar with their IT environment and requirements as they begin their search for an IT Managed Service Provider.
Managed Service Provider

Dataprise Women in Technology: Meet Celina

This edition of Women in Technology features Celina, a Service Desk Engineer at Dataprise. Learn more about why Celina chose a career in IT in this spotlight article!
Talent Acquisition

The Threat Down the Hall

What are insider threats, and how can you prevent them? Find out in this information security blog.
Information Security
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