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Basel Committee Sets Banking Cybersecurity Expectations in New Operational Resilience Report

Apr 08, 2021 BY Mary Beth Hamilton
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Dataprise PROUDLY Supports These Incredible LGBTQ+ Organizations

At Dataprise we believe diversity makes us stronger and we are proud to be celebrating our LGBTQ+ Prisers throughout Pride Month (and beyond!). Click here to learn about six organization we’re supporting whose great work is critical to forward progress.
Corporate Culture

Impact of Global Chip Shortage on IT Departments: It’s Time to Plan Ahead

The global chip shortage has already affected numerous business goods, including laptops, servers and printers as well as consumer goods. Click to learn about how IT departments can prepare for a shortage that experts say could last well into 2023.
Managed Service Provider

Darkside Ransomware Analysis

On May 7, a ransomware attack forced Colonial Pipeline, a company responsible for nearly half the fuel supply for the US East Coast, to proactively shut down operations. Click here for an in-depth analysis of Darkside, the ransomware responsible for the May 7th attack.
Information Security

3 Ways UCaaS Enables a Hybrid Workforce

As organizations begin planning the return to office, a key challenge many are facing is how to best support the new normal of a hybrid workforce. Click to learn about how a UCaaS solution offers efficient communication, collaboration, and mobility for hybrid workforces.

Leveraging Threat Intelligence to Protect Your Credit Union

In the rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape, credit unions must leverage threat intelligence to quickly react to new vulnerabilities. Click to learn about decisive action you can take to avert a breach and protect member data.
Information Security

Key Webinar Takeaways: Ransomware 2.0

Ransomware 2.0 is devastating businesses across all industries. This blog post breaks down the most common infection vectors and covers tips on remediation and post-incident communication.
Information Security

Women in Technology: Meet Mary Beth

This month's Women in Technology story features Mary Beth Hamilton, Vice President of Marketing at Dataprise.
Talent Acquisition

4 Tips to Achieve Business and IT Alignment

Aligning an IT strategy and long-term business goals is a stumbling block for nearly all organizations. Click here to learn about how to balance priorities for better alignment.
IT Fundamentals

Mission-Driven Organizations: Optimize Your IT Budget

Does your mission-driven organization's IT services align with your budget? Click here to learn how to properly manage expenses for your organization.
IT Consulting

5 Dos and Don’ts if You’ve Been Hit with Ransomware

Ransomware is currently considered by many reports as one of the top cybersecurity threats, and for good reason. Not only is data theft a profitable industry, costing companies on average $761,106 per payout, but attackers have taken things a step further by publicly disclosing sensitive data on leak sites. If you discover ransomware in your system, the most important thing to do first is not to panic.
Information Security
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