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Business Email Compromise: A Growing Threat

October, 2018 BY Tim Foley
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Cyber Hygiene: Address the Little Stuff to Stop Big Problems

Just like brushing your teeth can prevent cavities, there are small steps you can consistently take to prevent cyberattacks on your business. Learn what they are in this blog.
Information Security

What Schools Need to Consider When Investing in Technology

Investing in student success demands investing in technology. This blog addresses three major decisions schools must make when determining their technology strategy.
Managed Services

IT's the Job: Mike

Get to know Mike, a vCIO at Dataprise, in our latest IT's the Job!
Talent Acquisition

Women in Technology: Meet Lindsay

Get to know Lindsay, a Talent Acquisition Advisor at Dataprise, and her career path in Information Technology recruiting over the past seven years.
Talent Acquisition

Should Your Law Office Move to the Cloud?

Lawyers, spend your time on cases and not your office's technology. Read this blog to learn about the risk reduction and efficiency the Microsoft cloud can bring to your firm.

IT's the Job: Josh

Get to know Josh, a Client Onboarding Engineer at Dataprise, in our latest IT's the Job interview. Read more to learn about what Josh loves about his job!
Talent Acquisition

Dataprise Women in Technology: Meet Kristina

In our latest edition of Women in Technology we get to know Kristina, a Digital Marketing Strategist at Dataprise! Read the blog to learn more about her career in technology.
Talent Acquisition

Outsourced Help Desk: A Team Dedicated To Your Success

An outsourced IT team is the behind-the-scenes MVP of your organization, just like your favorite football teams' roster of physical therapists, trainers, and managers. While critical to success, the best ones are often those that help the system run smoothly and efficiently without being noticed. Is your outsourced help desk providing your company the value it needs to win big?
Help Desk

Mission-Driven Organizations: Make Your IT Budget Go Further

For mission-driven organizations, managing business expenses is crucial. Learn how to get the most out of your IT budget in this blog.
IT Consulting

The 4 C's of Selecting Information Technology Partners

Choosing the right IT managed service provider is a critical business decision. We've compiled the main elements that should play into your choice: the 4 C's. Read the blog to make sure you are selecting the perfect MSP partner.
Managed Service Provider
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