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Managed Services Episode I - A New Hope for Your Technology

JAN 3, 2018 BY Chris Sousa
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Women in Technology: Meet Lauren

In this edition of Women in Technology, we interviewed Lauren, an Onboarding Program Analyst at Dataprise, about her career growth in the Information Technology industry.
Talent Acquisition

5 Key Factors to Consider When Creating Your IT Budget

It's time to start constructing your IT budget for the next fiscal year. What do you need to consider when planning for your technical infrastructure's maintenance and growth? Read this blog to find out.
IT Consulting

6 Questions to Ask An Emergency IT Services Provider

Choosing an Emergency IT Services provider? Here are 6 questions you should considering asking before choosing a provider to assist with your IT emergency.
Emergency IT Services

Women in Technology: Meet Kenisha

In this edition of Women in Technology, we interviewed Kenisha, a Project Coordinator at Dataprise, about her career growth in the Information Technology industry.
Talent Acquisition

Bigger Than Equifax: What You Need To Know About The 340 Million Records Leaked By Exactis

Learn about the breach that's bigger than Equifax in this blog. What could come of this breach, and how can you defend your organization from cybercriminals who have taken advantage of the Exactis leak?
Information Security

5 Key Factors for Selecting a Winning Service Desk

Outsourcing your help desk to a Managed Service Provider gives your employees more time to focus on their core responsibilities rather than troubleshooting their IT issues. Consider passing the ball to an outsourced service desk to help your employees become more focused and efficient.
Service Desk

Dataprise Women in Technology: Meet Brittany

Meet Brittany, the Business Intelligence Developer at Dataprise. Our hope is that Dataprise can help continue to raise awareness about how gratifying working in the technology industry can be and empower women to consider a career in technology for themselves.
Talent Acquisition

The Value of Outsourcing to a Managed Service Provider

Your IT department has become on of the most popular functions companies outsource. Read how Managed Service Providers are increasing efficiency and boosting business.
Managed Service Provider

Questions You Need to Ask When Outsourcing IT Projects

Starting an IT project can be a daunting task, but we're here to help. Using our series of questions in this free downloadable checklist, you can determine if your organization is ready to dive into a project and confidently select a qualified IT vendor.
IT Consulting

5 Ways to Weather-Proof Your IT: Disaster Recovery Planning

Is your business prepared to withstand a natural disaster? Read this blog to learn how to put together a Disaster Recovery Plan and give yourself the peace of mind that your organization is ready for unpredictable summer weather.
Disaster Recovery
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