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5 Benefits of Using a Consultant for Carrier & Telecommunication Services

Dec 26, 2017 BY Eric Leff

5 Benefits of Using a Consultant for Carrier & Telecommunication Services

Have you made any phone calls today? Used the Internet or sent an email? Hopped on a conference call or shared your desktop screen with a coworker?

Chances are you’ve done at least one, if not all, of the above today. Virtual communication is an integral part of everyone’s daily life, both personal and professional. From simple “Hi, how are you” calls to Mom and Dad to conference calls with prospective clients on the other side of the country, we all rely on carrier and telephony services day in and day out. And when it comes to a businesses’ carrier and telephony services, having a system that has the least downtime and fosters the most efficiency and productivity is critical. But unlike the calls you make in your daily routine, finding the right carrier and telephony solutions for your business isn’t just a phone call away…or is it?

If you’re looking for the best way to get the most out of your carrier and telephony solutions, it’s time to consider a telecom consultant. Just like an IT consultant, a telecom consultant will work with you to find the best solutions for your business and ensure that you’re getting the most efficient and effective services for your budget. Here are a few more benefits to using a telecom consultant:

1. Spend Time Running Your Business, Not Vetting Vendors

Time is a precious thing, and when you add up the countless hours that could be spent calling providers, comparing plans, and working with different sales reps, the time it takes to research and find carrier and telephony solutions can quickly add up. Wouldn’t it be easier if an expert could handle that for you and provide a deliverable outlining the best solutions for business objectives? By utilizing a third-party telecom consultant, you can spend time focusing on your business rather than doing countless hours of research and calling vendor after vendor. A telecom consultant has extensive knowledge on different providers’ strengths and weakness and will provide in-depth overviews of the best options for your business and work with you to implement and manage your carrier and telephony solutions.

2. Increase Cost-Savings and Productivity

When’s the last time you’ve taken a look at a carrier or telecom invoice? Do you fully understand each charge and service that’s being paid for? With a telecom consultant, an expert can provide a telecommunications price review to ensure your business is getting the most bang for its telephony buck. They can analyze invoices and contracts to make sure not only that you are fully using the services you are being charged for, but can find opportunities to utilize communications products and services that allow your business to be more productive and efficient while staying within budget. Additionally, a telecom consultant will have a wide range of relationships with partners that they can utilize to make sure your business is getting the best price possible.

3. Make Educated Decisions

Are you ready to move to a VOIP/Cloud Solution? Are circuits being provided or are you bringing your own? Do you know how much bandwidth is needed now and in the future? Education is key in deciding upon a carrier or telephony solution and can play a large role in picking a solution that will fit your business long-term. It’s important to understand what carrier and telephony solutions and features can grow with your business and which ones will cause more headaches and risks for downtime. Third-party telecom consultants can work with you to ask the right questions of vendors and ensure that solutions will adequately integrate with and support your business.

4. Leave the Long-Term Heavy Lifting Behind 

Working with a telecom consultant not only saves time during the decision-making process, but also relieves you of the heavy lifting long-term. Rather than working with various vendors and handling each on your own, a third-party consultant serves as your one point of contact and manages those relationships for you. Have a problem with your internet? Rather than spending hours on hold trying to talk to your provider, a telecom consultant will handle that for you. They will also handle contract negotiation, solution design, configuration implementation and continued support across each vendor, removing stress and finger-pointing from the process.

5. Ensure a Smooth Process from Start to Finish 

By picking the right telecom consultant, you can ensure that your carrier and telephony solution is smooth from start to finish. A good telecom consultant will work with you from beginning to end to make sure your organization meets its carrier and telephony goals.  Additionally, if you choose to work with a telecom consultant who is part of an IT managed services provider, implementation and support can be made even easier. Using an MSP for carrier and telephony needs means that they will have the expertise to configure your LAN and firewall properly to ensure your implementation is successful.

Using the right carrier and telephony services can give your business a competitive edge and a telecom consultant can help you make the most of your services. Interested in learning more? Contact us today to find out how your business can succeed with carrier and telecommunication services.

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