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Choosing the Right IT Partner for Your Los Angeles Office

By: MaryBeth Hamilton

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Finding an IT partner in Los Angeles can be a daunting task. There are literally hundreds of IT providers in the region, ranging from large-scale consulting firms to small boutique operations. And each of these companies specializes in a wide variety of services — from cybersecurity, cloud computing, data storage solutions and network infrastructure design to software development, and more. Of course, Dataprise is one of these companies (the best we’d argue!). 

So how do you find the right managed services partner for your business? 

Industry Experience

When searching for an IT provider in Los Angeles, look for a partner that understands your specific industry. Here at Dataprise we have a broad client base with a deep concentration of clients in LA that span the private equity, banking, media & entertainment, and legal industries.  

Why does industry expertise matter? Private equity firms, as an example, often face unique IT considerations due to the dynamic nature of their operations. These include:  

  • Robust cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive data and intellectual property. 
  • Efficient and up-to-date technology infrastructure, including server maintenance and hardware upgrades. 
  • Real-time monitoring of investments and portfolios, as well as a secure backup system in case of data loss or breaches. 
  • A reliable disaster recovery plan that will quickly restore operations in the event of an emergency. 
  • Cloud solutions for easy access from anywhere in the world as well as scalability with little downtime during peaks in operation demand. 
  • Automated processes for improved efficiency and compliance with industry regulations. 

Having an IT partner that understands your business makes a difference. 

Local Presence in Los Angeles (with the ability to support users all over the US)

Local IT support can deliver numerous benefits so long as the managed service provider has standardized, best in class practices in place. These benefits include localized, personalized services and tailored solutions plus a support staff to provide in-person assistance.  

While local support is important, we also know that firms grow and employees are located all over with the anywhere workplace movement. That’s why having a partner that can deliver localized, personalized services coupled with national reach is a significant value add.  

Personal Connections Matter

It’s also important to consider not just technical proficiency when choosing an IT partner in Los Angeles but also emotional intelligence and problem resolution abilities. Finding a provider that values customer relationships and offers reliable customer service is paramount. This will ensure that businesses receive comprehensive support throughout the entire implementation process.  

Ultimately if you’re looking for an IT partner in Los Angeles, we recommend researching potential providers thoroughly to find a long-term partner who understands your needs and goals. We believe Dataprise’s LA Team fits the bill so contact us for a conversation! 


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