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Client Center Updates: Information to Help Improve Your Support Experience

By: Chaz Chalkley

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Over the past several months, we have been working diligently on updating our Client Center to better serve you. Now known as myDataprise, you’ll find a new look and improved functionality to your online support center.

As ease of use is one of the greatest drivers of change, we decided to update the page to better match how you use it. The goal of the updated myDataprise webpage is to provide you with all of the various ways you can access our help desk 24x7x365.

Here is a brief guide to walk you through the new page. Explore the new updates below and uncover all the ways you can have your IT incidents solved faster than ever!

1. TEChy: TEChy is your go-to for support needs. Our live support assistant can send your IT issue where it needs to go without spending any time on the phone. Report your technical issues with just a few clicks and we’ll get right to work. Our clients have found TEChy invaluable when time is of the essence, and isn’t it always?

To use TEChy, just click on the ‘Launch myHelpDesk Support Assistant’ button and follow the prompts. If you have any questions, you can always contact your Account Manager.

2. Phone: Call us to get your technical issues solved 24×7. Use your personalized DID number to get to your engineer FAST. It may not be TEChy, but it’s the next best thing! Can’t find your DID? Call 1-888-414-8111 and we’ll route you to your engineer.

3. Live Support Code: If you have been given a Live Support Code, here is where you’ll have the chance to enter it. Just click the link in the upper right-hand corner as shown above, and you’ll be directed to enter your number and receive support.

4. myDataprise Portal: This is where you will login to your myDataprise dashboard. Filled with information specific to you, your myDataprise dashboard will provide the most comprehensive options to serve your IT needs.

5. myHelpDesk Mobile App: It’s an application for your mobile device! Isn’t technology neat? Rather than navigate to this page, and struggle to click all of the links on your small-ish pocket phone screen, use this program designed specifically for it! You can submit incidents from anywhere, and save at least 3 seconds by not having to search for this page every single time. Download the myHelpDesk app on the App Store or get it on Google play for Android.

As we continue to refine our client experience, new technologies, insights, and industries drive our ability to serve you. That means more ways for Dataprise to bolster your IT service needs, and to continue to provide you with an unfair competitive advantage. We are always developing ways to better solve complex IT dynamics, and look forward to sharing our progress with you!

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