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Cloud Solution Provider (CSP): Five Ways CSPs Benefits You

By: MaryBeth Hamilton

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The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program enables certified partners like Dataprise to support the entire customer lifecycle from start to finish. We are an active participant in this exclusive program and believe being a Cloud Solution Provider delivers benefits to our clients.

What is a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider?

Let’s start with a definition. Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers (like Dataprise!) provide access to cloud services from Microsoft. We are authorized to sell, deploy, and manage customer subscriptions to the Microsoft Cloud Platform and also provide value-added services such as migration, onboarding, support, and consulting. Through a strong partnership with Microsoft, CSPs can offer customized solutions tailored to meet customer needs.

What are the benefits of working with a Microsoft CSP?

By working with a CSP, you are working with an extension of Microsoft with the added benefit of an agile and manageable business relationship focused and attuned to your specific cloud infrastructure needs. CSP allows us to directly provision, manage, and support our customer’s product licensing and combine everything into one bill.

Here are five ways we know a CSP benefits our clients:

  1. Dataprise can be your primary point of contact for everything Microsoft Azure cloud related including O365 and license based products.
  2. Dataprise can send you one consolidated bill that is easily manageable for your company including chargeback modeling and access to a custom billing portal.
  3. Dataprise has access to relevant Microsoft Cloud products and services to fit your needs. Dataprise also offers software products from supporting vendors, which can be included in your consolidated bill.
  4. As a CSP, Dataprise develops a direct relationship with you so we can fully understand your specific needs and find ways to address them quickly and efficiently.
  5. Dataprise provides 24/7/365 technical support for Microsoft Cloud products and services, in addition to our Managed Services offerings.
Path to a Cloud Solution Provider
Path to CSP Process

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