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Continuous Monitoring Cybersecurity: Benefits for Midmarket Businesses

By: Dataprise

Why 24 7 Cybersecurity Visibility Is ImperativeΓCi

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Cybersecurity visibility refers to a security program that is both easy to see and manage. The more visible your controls are, the easier it is to manipulate and upgrade them when the time comes.

Considering the opportunities for criminals these days, in-house continuous monitoring cybersecurity is no longer just an option for midmarket businesses. In this blog we’ll look at the risks created by low cybersecurity visibility and why working with an MSP for cybersecurity monitoring services might be your best possible solution.  

Cybersecurity Risks on the Rise for Midmarket Businesses 

The RSM US Middle Market Business Index survey was designed to tap into the realities of cybersecurity during the pandemic. In 2020, 28% of midmarket leaders surveyed claimed that they experienced a breach and 64% believe their risks were increasing

You don’t need a survey to know that with the rise in remote and hybrid workers, the odds of a cloud breach are only going to do the same. According to Cybint, 95% of all breaches are due to human error, which means that all the standard precautions (e.g., firewalls, VPNs, etc.) can only go so far. 

Knowing what’s in your infrastructure and IT environment (like network devices, applications, endpoints, etc.) is important as data hacks can come from anywhere, whether it’s through infrastructure vulnerabilities or individual employees’ connected IoT devices like laptops and mobile phones; 24×7 cybersecurity visibility and cybersecurity monitoring services translates to immediate responses, which can vastly reduce a breach’s adverse effects on a business. 

Round-the-Clock, Continuous Monitoring Cybersecurity 

Breaches can happen on Christmas Day, at 3:00 a.m., in the middle of conventions, etc. If you were going to hire a team in-house to be on-call all the time, it would be difficult to organize, costly, and extremely time-consuming to manage. With these kinds of demands, it’s easy to make compromises and become complacent. Yet the truth is that if a business hasn’t been breached, it’s likely because it’s just plain lucky. These days, it’s truly a question of when —not if —a breach will happen.

Middle market businesses, unfortunately, also have the worst of both worlds, which makes them prime targets: they have access to information that is every bit as important as larger enterprises, yet lack the same staffing and security controls as their conglomerate counterparts. 

This is why a reliable Managed Service Provider (MSP) can be so helpful for cybersecurity monitoring services. The right company will be designed for round-the-clock service to handle any incidents that may occur. And because they’re working for more than one client, MSPs draw upon a reserve of resources that keep costs down without compromising the quality of their monitoring and responses.

Why Outsourcing 24×7 Cybersecurity Monitoring Services Makes

When it comes to middle market companies, having a Network Operations Center (NOC) isn’t enough. You need a Security Operations Center (SOC) designed to detect and immediately respond to imminent threats. Building this in-house would require you to find and retain people who are both trained to handle these matters and be around for 24×7, continuous monitoring cybersecurity.

That’s a lot to ask of anyone, which may be why stress and burnout are major concerns for SOC professionals and has exacerbated the ever-widening skills gap among cybersecurity professionals. When you outsource both your NOC and SOC with cybersecurity monitoring services, you share these costs and responsibilities amongst different clients and still get constant support from highly qualified cyber professionals. It adds up to faster responses and better remediation strategies

Get Started with 24×7 Cybersecurity Monitoring Services

In this new world of remote and hybrid work — where bad actors across the globe never sleep — penetration testing, end-user analytics, and security training are all necessary components for any continuous monitoring cybersecurity strategy. Learn more about Dataprise cybersecurity monitoring services today.

We invite you to assess your own midmarket organization’s security with our Cyber Hygiene Quiz. Take this short test today and receive our personalized recommendations for managed infrastructure services.

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