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Dataprise Women in Technology: Meet Joana

By: Marissa Withers

WIT March 2024 Joana

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This month for our Women in Technology, we are spotlighting Joana, one of our Systems Engineer 1’s! Read about her story and how she started in technology.

Tell us your story on how you got into technology.

I’ve been interested in technology since I was a kid. It started with my desire to play video games with my uncle and cousin, and it’s progressed from there. I’ve always been interested and amazed at how technology can change people’s lives.

Did you always know that working in technology was what you wanted to do?

I hit a point in high school where I became really fascinated with how technology worked, and I wanted to know as much about it as possible. What’s so neat is that it’s something that is human-made, and it has continued to advance to a degree that a lot of people hadn’t imagined.

How long have you been with Dataprise?

I started on October 2023 and came over to Dataprise through acquisition.

Can you share a little bit about what it is that you do and what a typical day for you is like?

I’m one of the first people that customers talk to when it comes to their technology issues. Some examples include setting up their Microsoft account, physical computer builds, resolving application issues, and finding solutions to everyday tasks that can make a big difference to a customer.

What advice would you give to women considering a career in the tech industry? What do you wish you had known?

Don’t give up, be known, mandate respect and know how to give it back. What I wish I would have known is that sometimes things don’t go our way but that doesn’t mean it invalidates our experience. There are always people who will listen, sometimes we just have to look harder to find them.

Why do you think it’s important for more women to join the tech industry? How can the broader community support women in tech?

The more women that join the tech industry, the more diversity can be brought to companies. If diversity is brought forward, then a company might receive an idea or new perspective that changes the company for the better.

What do you think is the best part of being a woman in the tech industry?

Already being a part of the community, I can bring other women in and encourage them to be the best version of themselves in industry where women are the minority.

What is it that you enjoy most about your current job at Dataprise?

Every day is different so I have to constantly learn new things. I’m then able to implement them into my work, which can bring a sense of fulfillment.

What is the best professional advice you’ve ever received?

Stay hungry. Always want more. If someone isn’t around to help, then seek it out yourself and make the best out of it.

Where do you see yourself going from here?

Forward, which to me means always learning and growing in this position and whatever positions are beyond.

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