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The Job Jumping Stops Here: Why Employees are Finding Their Home at Dataprise

By: Josephine Kraus

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Source. Call. Schedule Interview. Onboard. Hire. Repeat. 
   Source. Call. Schedule Interview. Onboard. Hire…..Repeat.  
Source. Call. Schedule interview. Onboard. Hire. REPEAT. 

Recruiting can be an incredibly monotonous job. For some people, it’s a pretty sweet gig. For me…well for me, it can be dream-crushing.  

Before I start sounding like a stereotypical millennial, let me explain a little background about myself:  

I graduated from the University of Maryland in 2012, majoring in Studio Art, and minoring in Art History. I’m a painter, a drawer, an out-of-the box thinker, I’m a creative, and 100% NOT someone who enjoys monotony. 

I joined Dataprise as a Corporate Recruiter. Like most jobs, everything is great when you first start. You’re learning new things, you’re meeting new people, and you see the world through rose colored glasses. But then, it slowly starts to creep back in: the grind, the dreaded monotony. At that point in my tenure at Dataprise, when I was out of the honeymoon phase, the dust had settled, and the excitement began to slow down, I realized: “Woah. Dataprise is different.” This is why: 
Routine weekly meeting my boss 7 months into the job: 
BOSS: “What do you want to do here other than, or in addition to recruiting?”   

*cue wave of serotonin*  

INNER MONOLOGUE: “Where am I? What is this? Excuse me? I’m confused. What do you mean – “OTHER than recruiting?” Is this a joke? Am I being pranked? Who are these people? What is this company?  

ACTUAL RESPONSE (after a nice and solid awkward pause): “Marketing. I love working here and I want to make sure other people know about Dataprise. I want to market to candidates, so when they hear our name, they already know who we are.”  

And that’s what happened. Fast forward a year, and I now work in a dual role: I’m a Corporate Recruiter and a Marketing Liaison. My boss asked me one question and that’s all it took to be able to have an opportunity to tap into my creative side at work. My job at Dataprise certainly isn’t monotonous any longer, but now is something that I’m passionate about and inspired by. Put it this way: I’m never bored, I’m always challenged, and now, sometimes, I even appreciate the repetitive nature of recruiting as a small mental break. 


In a relatively short time, I served in an integral role in creating our Employer Value Proposition (EVP), spearheaded the development of a video showcasing our fantastic Corporate Culture  (with the help of some pretty great people on our marketing team!), created social media campaigns targeting top talent in the job market, and learned how to wireframe so I can create the framework for our new Careers  website (check it out, I’m pretty proud of it!). 

While that’s not all that I’ve done in my time at Dataprise, those are some of my fulfilling professional accomplishments. If I’ve interviewed you or recruited you, you probably have already heard this story because it’s one that means a lot to me, and one that I believe speaks volumes about the kind of environment that Dataprise embodies.  
My story, though pretty unique in my professional career and experiences, is not unique at Dataprise. Trust me, I would know: I put together our newsletter every month and I’m prrrreeeetty sure I’ve yet to encounter a month when someone in some department isn’t receiving a promotion. Professional development and growth is something that Dataprise has realized is incredibly important. The stronger YOU are, the stronger we become not only as an organization, but as a community.     

You hear a lot of companies talk about their stocked kitchens for employees, their ping-pong tables, their Taco Tuesdays, casual dress-codes, and Google-looking offices. It seems a lot of people understand that to be how they’d describe their company’s “corporate culture”. Sure, Dataprise has that too, and it makes our office a fun place to work, but that’s not what our company culture is defined by. That’s not what makes us unique.    

So what does? “Spit it out already!”, right?    

Dataprise truly cares about their employees and their happiness. They care about your professional dreams, they celebrate your accomplishments, and they are there to help you when you need extra support. You can grow, you will be challenged, and you will always be learning no matter what department you’re in. There is an incredible sense of ethos within the organization that is truly unparalleled to anything I’ve ever experienced. These people have become my friends and feel like family. At Dataprise, you are not someone who is replaceable, you matter.  


Don’t get me wrong, Dataprise is not perfect. We have our flaws. But there is a commitment to listening to our employees and being willing to change, grow, learn and evolve where needed.  At the end of the day, we all have the same mission: delivering winning IT solutions to our customers, while having a good time doing it.  

So here’s my call to action: Whether this post makes you interested in joining our team or not, I’m hopeful that it provides a moment for my readers to reflect on their working experiences and ask themselves: Am I valued at my company? Am I doing meaningful work that I feel passionate about? Will my feedback be heard? Is there room for growth and development? Do I have fun? Am I replaceable or do I matter?  
If you’re finding yourself unsatisfied after answering those questions, let’s chat. Whether it is opportunities at Dataprise, or anywhere else, your time matters, your professional growth and development matters, and above all, YOU matter.  

Don’t catch my drift? Maybe one person’s opinion isn’t enough? That’s fine! See what some other people have to say about Dataprise here:

Source. Call. Schedule interview. Onboard. Hire. Repeat.  

     Be Creative.  

          Try new things.  

               Challenge yourself.  

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