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How Managed Mobility Services Bolster Your Cybersecurity Policy

By: Dataprise

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With hybrid and remote work taking over and showing no signs of loosening their grasp on the future of work, mobile devices continue to dominate the professional sphere. With that, businesses must adapt and evolve their policies and procedures to account for the increase in endpoints. This includes developing a robust cybersecurity policy that effectively safeguards sensitive data. But how can businesses achieve this while managing the complexities of mobile devices? The answer lies in Managed Mobility Services (MMS).

What are Managed Mobility Services?

Managed Mobility Services, or MMS, simplifies the management of your organization’s mobile devices to increase efficiency, cost-effectiveness, security, and insight across the entire mobile device lifecycle. From procurement and provisioning to security and support, MMS providers like Dataprise, streamline and optimize mobile device use within organizations.

The Connection Between MMS and Cybersecurity

The question then arises: “How do Managed Mobility Services contribute to a robust cybersecurity policy?” Here’s how:

Enhanced Security

MMS providers prioritize security above all else. They offer comprehensive protection against cyber threats through advanced security measures such as encryption, multi-factor authentication, and remote wipe capabilities. In the event of a security breach, these measures ensure minimal damage and maximum recovery speed.

Regular Updates

One of the most significant factors contributing to cyber-attacks is outdated software. With MMS, the devices your employees rely on for work are always up to date with the latest patches and updates, reducing vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit.

Compliance Management

Maintaining compliance with industry regulations is a critical aspect of cybersecurity. MMS providers help businesses stay compliant by continuously monitoring and reporting on device usage and security measures in line with specific regulatory standards.

Employee Training

No cybersecurity policy is complete without a well-informed workforce. MMS providers offer comprehensive training programs to educate employees about potential threats and safe online practices, thereby minimizing human error – a leading cause of security breaches.

Managed Mobility Services play an integral role in enhancing your cybersecurity policy. These two services go hand in hand to provide: a multi-layered security approach, ensure software is always updated, manage compliance, and train your workforce.

It is time you considered implementing Managed Mobility Services in your organization? Make the move today and fortify your cybersecurity policy. Remember, in 2023, security is not just an option – it is a necessity. Keep learning about MMS through our expert guide!


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