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IT’s the Job: Corey

By: Dataprise

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We are proud to employ some of the best technical talent in the market. Because of their work, we are able to help our clients win with IT.
For these talented individuals, their satisfaction comes from their job, whether that’s defending a cyber-attack, troubleshooting a connection, or recovering lost data. We asked Corey why IT’s more than just our incredible culture, but why IT’s the Job keeps him coming back for more:

Describe your work’s purpose and how you contribute to the company’s mission of Winning With IT.

I believe the contribution I make is by looking out for my client’s best interests. Building that kind of relationship allows them to be confident in the services we provide and in the company itself.

In what ways do you find fulfillment in the work that you do at Dataprise?

Some of the responses received when I resolve an issue for a client. Sometimes they’re so genuine, you can feel the gratitude over the phone. To us it may seem like a simple application or device, but to them it’s partly or mostly the bread and butter of their job.

Describe Dataprise in 3 words.

Unique, Determined, Wholesome.

Can you please describe your typical day at Dataprise?

My day typically includes resolving issues, engineering short term and long-term solutions, supporting colleagues, leveraging resources, tracking down information, providing recommendations to clients to create efficiencies.

Tell me about the most challenging engineering or technical project that you have been involved with during the past year.

I recently worked with a client of ours that required us to re-arrange their call routing and auto attendant configurations for their main line on their VoIP system. This was challenging because VoIP is not a strong suit of mine, but it was interesting to learn once you got the hang of it. It motivated me to learn because call handling and auto attendants are a very key aspect of a business, especially when it’s the main line for the company.

What made you decide to move into a technical role for your career?

I’ve always worked well with technology, even at a young age. I still hear stories from Mom about how I was able to figure out all the ‘cutting edge’ devices from the early 90s, and even figure out issues with stuff from the late 80s. Technology and I just click, no pun intended 🙂

Technical capabilities aside, what soft skills make you successful in your role?

I believe my ability to listen and understand the issue, explain my steps as I go, and my ability to be flexible in my next steps in the event I hit a snag, helps me to give our clients a positive experience.

What do you think Dataprise does to stay on the cutting-edge of technology?

The list must be very long, because thus far I have been nothing but impressed with Dataprise as a company, as a whole. But a few things I noticed that keeps them ahead is staying engaged with the client and the community. Networking, both in technical and social fields, play a very vital role in the growth and path of a business. And if you know your audience, you know your direction.

Are you inspired by Corey? If you’re interested in joining the team, visit our careers page.

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