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IT's the Job: Meet Daryl

Jan 7, 2018 BY Marissa Withers
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IT's the Job: Daryl

Meet Daryl, a Service Delivery Manager at Dataprise.

Describe your work’s purpose and how you contribute to the company’s mission of Winning With IT.
My works purpose is to provide Dataprise customers with outstanding service and reliable solutions.


In what ways do you find fulfillment in the work that you do at Dataprise?
I like the people I work with. They are dedicated to creating the best solutions and outcomes for their customers. They're also fun to hang out with after hours.


Can you please describe your typical day at Dataprise?
Check in on my customers and team to see if there are any pressing issues I can address. Meet with customers to develop solutions for their technological needs. Ensure engineering staff are delivering the highest level of service delivery for our customers. Find and assign the right resource to complete technical work. Provide leadership, management, and strategic guidance for Dataprise service delivery to our customers.


Tell me about the most challenging engineering or technical project that you have been involved with during the past year.
A customer reached out to their Dataprise primary team looking for a solution to remove their organizations dependency on their office space. The customer wanted to move to a remote work model to save cost and create a more agile working environment. I worked with the their executive team and our Solutions Architects to capture the full scope of the customers requirements and identified a cloud solution to meet their needs. After we presented our proposal the customer was excited to move forward with project planning. I worked with the Solutions Architects to develop the scope of work for the migration project and updated the customer periodically to keep them informed of our progress. The customer required aggressive project timelines to ensure their budget for the year would cover the full cost of our work and align with the new maintenance agreement expected once the project was completed. An understanding of the customer’s needs, frequent communication, technical creativity, and complete ownership by each person working on this project made it successful.


What made you decide to move into a technical role for your career?
I love problem solving and being creative. I'm able to fix broken networks or create new networks to meet customer’s needs. The work we do helps business provide the services and products they make for their customers.


Technical capabilities aside, what soft skills make you successful in your role?
Communication, punctuality, reliability, empathy, and resourcefulness are key soft skills that helped me progress in my career.


What do you think Dataprise does to stay on the cutting-edge of technology?
Dataprise exposes their staff to a wide range of technical products and services. The corporate culture promotes learning and embracing new challenges. To be successful in what we do, our staff spends time at work or at home learning about new technologies that interest them. Dataprise isn't afraid to try something new to give our customers that competitive edge.


Describe Dataprise in 3 words.
Smart, agile, fun.


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