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It’s the Job: Itse

By: Marissa Withers

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Describe your work’s purpose and how you contribute to the company’s mission of Winning With IT.

I am tasked with the continuous goal of maximizing uptime for our internal systems and hosted solutions. By helping Dataprise Win with IT, I help our clients Win with IT.

In what ways do you find fulfillment in the work that you do at Dataprise?

My role touches on every facet of IT in different ways. The technologies we use to accomplish our responsibilities include working with all the major vendors and technologies I am familiar with and some that I have always wanted an opportunity to work with. Being able to solve IT challenges for the company I work for as well as its’ clients is doubly fulfilling.

How would you describe your typical day at Dataprise?

I provision our Cloud based offerings and disaster recovery solutions for clients. I troubleshoot, report and improve upon our disaster recovery processes. Quite often this includes recovering data when the “expected unexpected” happens.

I consider Dataprise to be one of my biggest clients, so I review and respond to alerts when preventative maintenance is needed on our internal infrastructure and facilities. Along with this, I advise other technical groups on the Cloud based solutions that best fit our client’ needs on a case by case basis. My major projects are focused on implementing improvements and upgrades to our core infrastructure.

Describe Dataprise in 3 words.

Flexible. Pragmatic. Experienced.

What made you decide to move into a technical role for your career?

Technology was one of my major hobbies growing up. The idea that high demand for technical talent would sustain unlimited opportunities made it an obvious career choice for me. The challenge of solving problems that can range in levels of complexity is what keeps me interested in growing in this field. Training is much more accessible in this industry which makes it comparatively easy to grow and adapt in my career.

Technical capabilities aside, what soft skills make you successful in your role?

The nature of IT is service oriented, so I think my customer service background has been helpful. My role is not always directly client facing, but my focus on treating other departments as customers allows them to better serve our clients in turn. Communication is a key factor to success in my role. Aside from fostering a good working relationship with fellow employees and clients, the quality of communication can make or break the timeliness our response in an emergency.

Tell us about the most challenging engineering or technical project that you have been involved with during the past year. What did you learn from it?

The migration of a large group of clients from an internally hosted solution. The unique challenge was finding alternatives for each hosted client that fit their unique needs which included planning and implementing each migration separately.

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