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IT’s the Job: Patty

By: Marissa Withers

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1. Describe your work’s purpose and how you contribute to the company’s mission of Winning With IT.
I believe that my work’s purpose is to offer a standard of IT support that Dataprise upholds. All the work that I do, and the work of all my coworkers, contributes to that.

2. In what ways do you find fulfillment in the work that you do at Dataprise?
At the end of each day, I feel that I have done my part and I hope that I made someone’s day a little better!

3. Describe Dataprise in three words.
Versatile. Determined. Understanding.

4. Describe your typical day at Dataprise.
I work alongside our customers to understand and solve the incidents at hand so that they can go about their daily tasks. I also work with an onsite team to maintain and update devices as needed – proving a great customer experience along the way!

5. Tell us about the most challenging engineering or technical project that you have been involved with during the past year. What did you learn from it?
The most challenging project that I worked on this past year was a network IP cutover for all customer devices. I learned that consistent communication is key between not only all team members onsite and offsite, but with the customer as well. It always comes down to a good foundation and partnership.

6. What made you decide to move into a technical role for your career?
I was looking for a change. Like most people, I no longer loved doing what I got my degree in. I was looking for a career in a growing field that sparked my interest and that I can be passionate about and I found it!

7. Technical capabilities aside, what soft skills make you successful in your role?
I have learned that just being polite and positive goes a long way.

8. What do you think Dataprise does to stay on the cutting-edge of technology?
Dataprise stays on the cutting edge of technology by staying up to date with IT information and thinking of future change that could impact the IT community. The staff here works side by side with that idea by consistently staying current with new certifications.

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