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Onsite IT Support vs Remote IT Support: Which Model to Power Your Business?

By: Dataprise

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The way employees and organizations work is changing. Now, businesses need to adapt to hybrid work, where employees effectively and efficiently communicate and collaborate to drive business growth.  Zippia reported that 50% of surveyed workers in the US say their jobs are reliant on collaboration. One crucial aspect of this process is IT support — a vital player in maintaining the health and efficiency of tech infrastructure for businesses. The trending question then arises: Is onsite IT support or remote IT support a better direction for my business? Business continuity in the face of downtime is critical, so your employees can get back to work. This week, our experts will help you understand the differences in types of IT support between Onsite and Remote. Let’s dive in.

Onsite IT Support: A Personal Touch

Having an expert immediately available, in person and on-site provides immense value to organizations. They can offer immediate, hands-on assistance that can be invaluable in times of crisis. By providing that in-the-moment support, organizations can have peace of mind knowing an issue is being dealt with in the early stages.

Onsite support teams are especially beneficial when dealing with hardware problems, network issues, or complex software glitches that require a physical presence. They also offer personalized training to your staff, ensuring everyone is up to speed with the latest technology and best practices.

However, Forbes reports that by 2025, 32.6 million Americans will work remotely. More employees are working remotely than ever before. On-site IT support’s major benefit is providing that physical presence in the heat of the moment. But is onsite IT support still the most cost-efficient and effective model for your organization to implore if your business is pivoting to a hybrid or remote model?

Remote IT Support: Efficiency at its Best

Enter remote IT support – where technology is leveraged to provide quick, efficient solutions to your IT problems. IT departments and MSPs can provide support to on-the-go employees through various channels.

Remote support excels in addressing software-related issues, routine maintenance tasks, and even some network problems. It is often faster, more convenient, and less intrusive than onsite support. Furthermore, remote IT support can extend and offer around-the-clock, 24×7 service. Businesses will hone in on this model to ensure that time zones and office hours don’t impede your business’s growth.

Making the Right Choice: Consider Your Business Needs

So, how do you choose between onsite IT support and remote IT support? The answer lies in understanding your business needs and priorities. Does your organization have a remote work policy? Does your organization have multiple headquarters across the country?

If you answered yes, then to best power your business, implementing a robust remote help desk will help your organization tackle issues and tickets both efficiently and effectively. Organizations that are large or are looking to scale are provided flexibility with remote IT support. Working with an MSP, you can scale your support to optimize your budget.

But maybe your organization is smaller, where most of the employees have a physical presence in the office. Then, onsite IT support could provide your organization with that personal touch that a technician could provide. Working with an MSP to provide on-site technicians can be invaluable – as these technicians are versed in multiple scenarios due to their expertise.

Perhaps the ideal solution is a hybrid approach that combines the best of both worlds. Many businesses are finding value in utilizing a mix of onsite and remote IT support, providing a balanced blend of personal touch and efficiency.

We Have Your Back – No Matter What Model You Choose

At Dataprise, our 24×7 Managed Service Desk support ensures exceptional customer service and swift issue resolution. We understand the importance of reliable and consistent service desk support for businesses, as it directly impacts the productivity and satisfaction of end-users. That’s why we provide industry-leading managed service desk solutions. Our focus is on achieving a high rate of first-call resolution and reducing overall volume, resulting in time savings, increased productivity, and improved end-user satisfaction. With our unparalleled support, you can trust us to keep your business running smoothly. Contact us to discuss how we can help support your organization.  


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