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Is Your Phone System Ready for the Future?

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Do you have employees in your company who telecommute, spend time in the field, or work in remote offices? Chances are your answer to these questions is yes. Today’s workplace is changing. Staffs are growing and more mobile, and customers demand higher quality communications. Is your current phone system able to support this changing work environment?

Today’s organizations must find ways to empower all of their employees to work effectively and efficiently from any location at any time. It is estimated that up to half of workforces will be working outside of traditional offices by 2020, and your business will need to adapt. Your phone system needs to support your business. If you want to unify your communications system with the changing work environment, it’s time to consider migrating to the cloud.

Your Phone System and the Changing Workforce

Workplaces need to meet the changing demands of your employees and customers which includes having a phone system that supports the new-age workforce. Cloud technology allows the kind of flexibility towards which the workplace is moving. With a cloud phone system, you can hire staff wherever and whenever you need them, and ensure they are able to connect consistently and professionally. 

Meet Your Employees Where They Are

Cloud phone systems allow team members to receive company calls, access corporate voicemail, and setup virtual conferences from a basic Internet connection. When employees step out of the office, calls can be forwarded and certain features can be accessed from their cell phone. Traditional phone systems often hinder remote workers’ communication effectiveness due to their limited mobile capabilities. This often results in lost money, decreased productivity, and big headaches. Even worse, businesses often pay more for traditional phone systems in the form of equipment maintenance and outages.

Unified communication systems create an overall user experience that makes people feel like part of the team, wherever they are. If you want to unify your communications system with your business, employees, and customers, then it’s time to make the switch to a cloud phone system. Contact us today to see what moving to a cloud phone system can do for your business.

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