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The 10 Weakest Links in Cybersecurity

May 11, 2021 BY DATAPRISE
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The 10 Weakest Links in Cyber Security: Top Cyber Security Issues

280 Days – the average time It takes to identify and contain a breach. Stats like that highlight the criticality of closing security gaps to keep hackers at bay. Let’s review 10 common cybersecurity issues and weaknesses, and how to address them.


10 Common Cyber Security Weaknesses & Cyber Security Issues

  • Bad Email Clicks
  • Non-Secure (SSL) Website Visits
  • Weak Passwords
  • Outdated Operating System
  • Out-of-Warranty Firewalls
  • Unsecured Devices
  • Unsupported Firmware and Software
  • Unmonitored Networks
  • Stagnant Cyber Security Program
  • Human Firewall


10. Bad Email Clicks

A single bad email click can open the door to your network, exposing it to dangerous phishing and spear-phishing schemes. With the dramatic increase in email and social engineering sophistication, it can be easy to miss a malicious link. When you receive a questionable email, ensure it’s from a trusted source and verify the URL by hovering over the hyperlink before you actually click.


9. Non-Secure (SSL) Website Visits

Before entering information in a website, train users to always ensure the sites they are visiting are trusted and have secure socket layer (SSL) protection. You can tell if a site is SSL secured if there is “https” and a lock symbol in the address bar.


8. Weak Passwords

Complex passwords changed frequently are baseline to personal and corporate security. The easiest ways to prevent unauthorized access is to enable multi-factor authentication, which adds an essential layer of protection.


7. Outdated Operating Systems

Outdated operating systems result in systems potentially missing critical updates that patch potential cybersecurity weaknesses and vulnerabilities. This will be particularly important to monitor as employees bring devices back to the office – devices that have been off the corporate network for more than a year. Using tools and services such as automated systems management can help ensure the devices on your network are always up-to-date and secure.


6. Out-of-Warranty Firewalls

Out-of-warranty firewalls mean your frontline defense may be weakened and susceptible to intrusion because your systems are not receiving access to the latest firmware and security updates to help keep your environment safe and sound. Follow industry best security practices and ensure your firewalls are not only up-to-date but also next-generation.


5. Unsecured Devices

With a hybrid workforce there is a high probability that your employees will be transporting laptops to and from the office regularly. Increase mobility equals increased risk. Ensure devices accessing corporate data have security measures employed that prevent outsiders from gaining access, such as antivirus software, encryption, and password protection.


4. Unsupported Firmware and Software

New viruses and threats pop-up every day that target firmware and software vulnerabilities. To avoid cybersecurity weaknesses, keep your firmware and software licenses updated and warranties supported.


3. Unmonitored Networks

A network that isn’t monitored 24x7 may be penetrated by cybercriminals who watch and wait until the right moment to attack cybersecurity weaknesses. Whether outsourced or built in-house, all midmarket organizations must incorporate a 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC) to minimize risk with proactive monitoring.


2. Stagnant Cybersecurity Program

Building a culture of security starts with a comprehensive program that permeates throughout the organization. The best place to start addressing your cyber security programs and strengthening cybersecurity weaknesses is not with a tool, or ad hoc policies, but with a cybersecurity strategy that incorporates your company structure, your company mission, and your company goals.


1. Human Firewall

Human error remains one of the weakest links for organizations and is a fact well-known to cybercriminals, therefore continual employee education and training is necessary to avoid cybersecurity issues and ensure your human firewall is as secure as possible.


Avoid Common Cyber Security Issues & Cyber Security Weaknesses

At Dataprise, our comprehensive managed cybersecurity risk methodology gives customers the ability to safeguard their environments and critical business data to avoid cybersecurity weaknesses. We can help you easily address common cybersecurity issues while preparing your organization for the hybrid workforce future.


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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in December 2017 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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