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Outsourcing Service Providers: The Value of Outsourcing to an MSP

By: Chaz Chalkley

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Is your organization looking for IT outsourcing service providers? Lots of companies outsource everything, including accounting, payroll, public relations, and more. In fact, almost anything can be outsourced these days. The reason is simple, but makes a lot of sense; it allows the company to focus on their core business and what they do best, and not on hiring extra employees outside their own expertise. 

Solving Problems

Outsourcing your IT department has become one of the most popular functions of your company that traditionally was held internally, and for a good reason. Technology problems are becoming increasingly more challenging with every employee and customer wanting to access information from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. These challenges make it easy to look elsewhere for expertise, rather than hiring your own team of engineers, due to the difficulties associated with building a brand new team in an area where your company has no experience. That’s where IT outsourcing providers come in.

Improving Efficiency

Today, every company needs IT to function, and every small business has some level of IT expertise. This expertise ranges from the office manager trying to do his best keeping every employee updating their firewall to stay compliant to the former network consultant who re-invented herself by getting her CPA, but is stuck doing more technology management than accounting. In both cases, neither employee is focusing on what they were hired for, and therefore, are less likely to make it a priority. Without IT department outsourcing, the company is less efficient because the technical infrastructure is not being fully optimized, and the most important resources – the people – are being utilized to their fullest potential.

Specialized Expertise

The immediate idea would be to hire someone who can take care of all of their IT needs. The reality is, there is no such person. Technology is becoming increasingly complicated, which means that not even every IT outsourcing service provider can fully service every small business. Just like businesses are becoming more specialized, so too are their IT needs. You need to find an MSP that is large enough to possess the individual experts necessary to support your company and your specific needs, including telephony, networking, cloud services, information security, etc. Your MSP should also be agile enough to give you the attention and support you deserve. And, even though more than 90% of all IT issues can be handled remotely, there are times when you need an engineer to resolve issues at your location, so your MSP should have dedicated technicians nearby.

Shared Business Goals

The most important thing when it comes to choosing the right Managed Service Provider is to ensure their business goals align with yours. MSPs have evolved from a “break-fix model” where the service provider makes more money the more your company has issues, to a “fixed-fee model” where the service provider invests in the health of your technology, processes, and improved efficiency and you pay a single, fixed fee each month. Under this new model, the MSP will lose money when your system is not running properly. When things are breaking or are not optimized, the MSP is responsible for taking care of the issue, which costs the provider money.

Cost Savings

When your company’s IT infrastructure is running perfectly, the MSP can allocate their resources elsewhere. It saves the MSP money, and it saves you time not having to deal with IT issues or worry about slow connections. It’s a win-win situation because you both have aligned your interests.

Choosing the Right Outsourcing Provider

Picking an MSP can be difficult, so if you would like a professional recommendation, we at Dataprise are happy to tell you about how we successfully serve our clients (or even better, let them tell you themselves). We have been a managed service provider for over 22 years, and have more than 300 engineers and subject matter experts on staff that are all available to serve our clients, anytime and anywhere. We also offer expert IT consulting services to help you and your organization find the right solution to reach your business goals.

Get in Touch with the Best Managed Service Providers

If you have questions, please fill out the contact form below and someone from Dataprise will reach out and tell you how you can win with Dataprise as your IT outsourcing service provider.

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