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The TL;DR: Veeam’s 2023 Data Protection Trends Report 

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Annually, Veeam, one of the leading data protection and recovery providers, releases multiple IT trends reports. So far, we’ve covered their 2023 Ransomware report, and this week our team will be dissecting the Data Protection Trends report. With recent restrictions and compliance regulations, IT leaders now more than ever are prioritizing data protection practices for their organizations. 85% of organizations worldwide expect to increase their data protection budget in 2023 and beyond. Let’s jump in to dissect this report further and give you the TL;DR. 

The Growing Importance of Data Protection 


What does the rise of remote work, an expanding regulatory landscape, and the growing threat of cyberattacks all have in common? They are the driving forces behind why IT leaders are prioritizing the modernization of infrastructure and backup solutions. Veeam’s 2023 Data Protection Report found that 57% of organizations expressed that they “are likely” or “definitely” going to switch backup solutions to respond to the challenges of today’s digital age.

To support this, Veeam goes on to share that among the surveyed, the most important consideration for organizations to change their primary backup solution is to improve the reliability and success of backups. 

Cloud technology backup solutions lead to stress-free recoveries when implemented correctly. With Veeam also sharing that 85% of organizations had at least one ransomware attack last year, recovery in the face of disaster is a leading initiative for IT leaders.

Org Backup Change

BC/DR Site Recovery Methods

Veeam reported there is nearly an even interest between on-premises and cloud-hosted recoveries for 2023. This marks a 7% shift towards cloud-hosted recoveries from just last year. Then, Veeam’s 2023 Data Protection report goes on to say that even for organizations recovering on-premises, the majority of the source data comes from cloud-hosted backups anyway.


Having a safe copy of data stored outside your organization’s physical infrastructure is a best practice in a well-implemented BC/DR strategy. As a Veeam Platinum Provider, Dataprise implements a robust and proprietary enhanced data protection model. Simplified, this model adds a “gap” between the cloud repository and a hidden, protected repository.

Data Protection is of critical importance to organizations, as cyber-attacks are not a matter of ‘if’, but a matter of ‘when’. As we have seen throughout Veeam’s 2023 Data Protection Trends Report, the importance of robust data protection strategies cannot be overstated. With the rise of remote work, an expanding regulatory landscape, and the increasing threat of cyberattacks, IT leaders must remain vigilant and proactive in safeguarding their organization’s valuable data.

Partnering with an experienced MSP like Dataprise has a multitude of benefits. As a Veeam Platinum Provider, businesses can leverage our expertise and innovative solutions to develop a comprehensive data protection strategy that meets the unique needs of their organization. Ultimately, prioritizing data protection is not just about ensuring compliance and avoiding fines; it’s about securing the future success and resilience of your business in an increasingly digital world.

How our Enhanced Data Protection Works to Stop Ransomware with Veeam

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