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Benefits of Unified Communications Platforms for Cloud Business Ops

By: Dataprise

Why You Need Unified Communications Now

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The workplace of tomorrow is here and your user’s expectations around how they communicate and engage with colleagues and customers is evolving. At the same time, customer expectations have evolved as well – they expect direct communications with the right person, at the right time, in the right way.

Legacy on-premise communication systems like landline phones create obstacles, especially for businesses looking to streamline operations and address the needs of the modern workforce. That is why there are several benefits of unified communications platforms.

On-Premises Legacy Communication Systems Don’t Work

  1. Legacy phone systems don’t offer flexibility: Whether they are in an office or remote, employees need communications tools that allow them to do their best work anywhere and everywhere work takes them. These traditional business phone systems often lack the agility, scalability, and security businesses need to allow employees to work off-site.
  2. Legacy systems don’t offer scalability: The rapid transformation of businesses during the pandemic demonstrated the need for unified communications and IT systems to be both scalable and flexible. As businesses rolled out headcount reductions, those with cloud-based tools simply reduced their services to match their headcount and achieved cost savings. As those businesses recover and hire more staff – some in remote locations – they will need to scale up their cloud services to meet growing demands.
  3. Legacy systems can cost more. When evaluating the true cost of a legacy phone system, IT leaders must consider one-time expenses like wiring and hardware as well as ongoing expenses like upgrades, maintenance, and dedicated support personnel. Adding to the cost and complexity are standalone solutions for video, conferencing and even faxing.

The Modern Workplace Requires a Unified Cloud Communication Platform

As employees move back to physical offices, the need to collaborate through multiple channels will not dissipate. Employees want options in how they communicate regardless of location.

  1. Phone: Calling colleagues across multiple devices
  2. Video: Live on-demand face-to-face communication
  3. Chat: One-on-one and group chats
  4. Message: Text-based messages to colleagues and groups in real time

And they want to be able to do this across a range of devices. Gone are the days of every employee having a desk phone – Headsets, Airpods or earbuds are the future. Plus, they are full transportable so employees can work from anywhere with the right cloud communications platform.

Selling Your CXO on the Benefits of Unified Communications Platforms

As an IT leader you understand the advantages of a unified communication solution, but your C-Suite peers may still need convincing to prioritize the switch on the long list of priorities. Here are six benefits of unified communications platforms, and why your business should make the switch now:

  1. Unify business communication on one cloud communication platform  
  2. Increase flexibility for your business and support the hybrid workforce seamlessly
  3. Reduce infrastructure and management costs
  4. Ensure security and compliance needs are met
  5. Gain continuous feature enhancements
  6. Simplify multi-location management

Where Do We Start? Finding the Right Cloud Communication Platform

By partnering with Dataprise on Managed Communication and Collaboration, we can assist your organization with:

  • Finding the communication solution that meets your business requirements
  • Optimizing your communications solution and network availability
  • Leveraging vendor relationships to obtain better pricing and eliminating the need to go direct
  • Implementing your optimal solution into your environment

Benefits of Unified Communications Platforms

Want to learn more about the benefits of unified communications platforms? Dataprise has been a leading provider of communication and managed collaboration services for over two decades, and has been a cloud solutions provider to hundreds of midmarket organizations. We can ensure that your business is always connected with a unified cloud communication platform.

Equipping Your Workplace with Cloud Communication Platforms

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