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IT Service Transition Webinar Image

Staying on Target: Seamless IT Service Transitions

Presented by Haroon Hasan, Manager of Service Transitions

Moving from one IT service provider to another can be a big hurdle to overcome. Watch our webinar for a deep dive into IT service transition to ease your mind on the process.

content and Collaboration II Webinar Image

Collaboration & Content Pt. II: Power Platform

Presented by Nick McConnell, Senior Director of DevOps

Watch part II of our Collaboration & Content webinar series to learn more about the innovative Microsoft Power Platform. This tool offers an intuitive, engaging, and straightforward way to use your data to help run your business.

content and Collaboration Webinar Image

Collaboration & Content Pt. I: OneDrive, Teams, & SharePoint

Presented by Nick McConnell, Senior Director of DevOps

Join us as we dive into the top three collaboration and content tools used by businesses today.

IT Budget Webinar Image

How to Stretch Your IT Budget

Presented by Tad Doyle, vCIO

Join us as we discuss the best options for IT budgeting for your organization. We will guide you on how to build your IT budget from start to finish and provide advice to spread out costs for the services that fit your company.

Outsourcing IT in New Normal Webinar Image

Outsourcing IT in the New Normal

Presented by Ben Minehart, Director of TEC Experience

Join us as we dive into the options for outsourcing IT in the new normal as the IT industry has adapted to provide the best options to industries with their employees dispersed.

Cyber security Webinar Image

They’re Too Big to Fail; Are You Too Small to Recover?

Presented by Dataprise CYBER

Join us as we dive into the disparity between the effects of security breaches on small and medium businesses (SMBs) and enterprise organizations and learn about what you can do to proactively discourage cyber threats.

SharePoint Webinar Image

Time for Spring Cleaning: Simplify the Clutter with Microsoft SharePoint

Presented by Dataprise

Discover how document management in Microsoft SharePoint can keep your business operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Azure Webinar Image

So You're Interested in Azure...Now What?

Presented by Dataprise and Microsoft

Learn how your business can start benefitting from Azure.

Skype for Business Webinar

How Skype for Business Can Improve Communication and Performance

Presented by Dataprise and Microsoft

Learn how Skype for Business can be your company's go-to tool for secure and reliable communication.

Cloud Webinar Image

Ask the vCIOs Series - Improving Business Efficiency Through the Cloud

Presented by Dataprise

Discover relevant insight on how to leverage the cloud and improve your business’ efficiency

Business Intelligence Webinar Image

Ask the vCIOs Series - Business Intelligence: Cloud Data Management Through Power BI

Presented by Dataprise

We'll help you understand the extensive and powerful capabilities of Power BI.

DaaS Webinar Image

Ask the vCIOs Series - Desktop Virtualization (Daas): Enabling The Anywhere and The Anytime Power

Presented by Dataprise

Discover how business mobility is transforming the role of the traditional desktop and why Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) might be a good solution for your organization.

Information Security Symposium

Information Security Symposium

Presented by Dataprise

Explore the recorded sessions from our Information Security Symposium to learn the latest best cyber security practices to protect your business.

Regulation and Security Webinar

The Speculation Behind the Regulation and Staying Ahead of Future Legislation

Presented by Dataprise and Alien Vault

During this webinar, we explored how recent government regulations and cybersecurity events effect your business and discussed best practices for reducing your risk and protecting your organization.

IT Budget Webinar Image

Uncovering Common Pitfalls in your IT Budget

Presented by Dataprise

Learn how to ensure you accurately forecast your IT spend and budget, and have all of your challenging budgetary questions answered

IT Budget Webinar Image

Ask the vCIOs Series - IT Trends and Emerging Business Technologies

Presented by Dataprise

Learn relevant insight into 2016 IT trends and technologies

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