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Building Cyber Resiliency into Your Business Framework

Building Cyber Resilience into your Business Framework Webinar 550x550 Post

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Building Cyber Resiliency into Your Business Framework

Over half of all business leaders describe cybersecurity as a necessary cost of doing business – yet according to Veeam’s 2022 Data Protection Trends report, 76% of the surveyed organizations suffered at least one ransomware attack, while only 24% either avoided attacks or were unaware that an attack occurred. 

A cyber-resilient strategy allows organizations to mitigate an attack while also protecting data integrity. Having a process in place enables faster recovery from cyber incidents and allows for containment, investigation, and eventual restoration of services with minimal disruption to business operations. 

In this on-demand recording, learn from the panel of industry experts:  

  • What is Cyber Resilience and why is it critical?  
  • Trends in the market: what we’re seeing in terms of ransomware attacks, costs, and downtime
  • The business leader’s imperative for an integrated DR + Cyber + IR strategy
  • How leaders can work with IT teams to help, not hinder, incident response
  • Proactive preparedness vs. reactive responses  
  • The business case for being prepared

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